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Our Octogenarian Warrior!

Our Octogenarian Warrior!
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"I am personally privy to a sad case in which the noisy young man promised to buy sex toys for his bride-to-be, since he is himself unable to maximise her erotica."

When an 80 year old man falls in love with a thirty year old beauty and marries her, it is understandable if tongues wag, brains rack, eyes pop and ears tickle at the wonder.

Glory be to God, for it is one of those inexplicable marvels of nature which doesn't happen quite often.

But that's where all legitimate gossipy apprehensions should cease --- behind closed doors and behind the couple's back.

But when enemies of the happy relationship keep their own wives at home, yet seek the aid of the courts to dismantle and quash such a pulsating love affair between two generational opposites, my sense of injustice is provoked beyond repair. As if desire for love and sex must perish with age!

The recent ruling by a Cape Coast High Court quashing a motion seeking to arbitrarily annul Professor Fobih's marriage to his young pretty bride is a landmark judgement in defense of love, the integrity of marriage, freedom and justice.

Why wont people mind their own business in this country? The man is a professor, for God's sake! Why would anyone, more so his own son, claim to have superior knowledge about love and qualification for marriage than his own progenitor?

The old professor is neither retarded nor incapable of providing maintenance for his young bride. And young Lady Fobih has not complained about her husband's perfomance in any internal memorandum.

On the contrary, she is immeasurably happy, contented and grateful --- thanks to the prolific agility and sexcapades of the good old professor.

Let it be known to the professor's dissenting family members that some of the seemingly depleted old men who ply our streets in knickerbockers have better bazookas fitted with deadly potency than most of our pretentious young men driving around in blue jeans!

Iam personally privy to a sad case in which the noisy young man promised to buy sex toys for his bride-to-be, since he is himself unable to maximise her erotica.

And so when at age 80, a man of brain and brawn, a warrior of calibre and fibre springs up from Cape Coast and marries a lady younger than his last born, the least anyone can do is leave him to enjoy his happiness peace. Why would his own son mastermind a rebellion?

Undesirable elements who think they can tame the prolific libido of a self-made man even for his own good could indeed be doing him more injury than good.

While the fear that she might only suck on him for his wealth could be legitimate, equally legitimate is her role of keeping him happy, warm and unstressful in his old age.

No one in the Fobih household can provide the services the old professor seeks except Lady Fobih. And you know as well as I do that every worker deserves his pay!

Fobih is not the only old man needing a young female companion to adjust to life in old age. King David had the privilege of Abishag, the young beautiful virgin from Shunem to serve him in his old age.

Her role also included lying next to the king and transmitting some munition to him, since no amount of blankets could keep the king warm! 1 Kings 1:2

Old age should not be the death knell for love and ambition. Wonderful things can still happen at age 80. If this pretty lady by her loving skills can make the old professor happy, she may yet add several years of happiness to his life.

Who knows, we may soon celebrate the cry of another Fobih in this octogenarian household --- an enfant from his valiant loins!

Oh Lord, how great thou art! Forgive all the spoilspots, for they know not the power of love.

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