20.01.2024 Feature Article

Is swearing the Oath of Celibacy any good to the Roman Catholic priests of today?

Is swearing the Oath of Celibacy any good to the Roman Catholic priests of today?
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How I hope this publication could reach Pope Francis, the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Christian or the religious leaders are understandably the representatives of God on earth, when it comes to the conveyance of God’s messages to His human creatures.

They are again the overseers, regarding the adherence of their Christian or religious congregants to the word of God, thus the gospel, as manifestly made available in the bible.

In order not to beat about the bush but to hit the nail right in the head, the bible makes it clearer the reason for God destroying the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Was it not for the damnable immoral practice of a specific sexual intercourse that He abhors with vehemence? Any interested person can check that reason from the bible.

What do we see today with regard to the behaviour of many a pastor or man of God, especially the Roman Catholic Fathers, thus, priests of various classifications?

Evidence to their heinous sexual practices continually committed under the cover of darkness abounds.

Who do such pastors think they are deceiving if not themselves? They hide such acts of their criminality from human beings but not knowing the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God they claim to serve has seen them, seen their crimes and does always see them whenever, wherever and however they engage themselves in such nefarious immoral acts completely frowned upon by Him.

Many a time have we heard or read about Roman Catholic priests expose for paedophilia, involved in sexual acts, had secret lovers and children, etc.

Would it not be better for them to be allowed to marry than for them to deceive themselves, God and the public that they are celibates yet, they are actively engaged in immoral sexual acts hidden from public view?

In the bible, the priests, e.g. Eli and Samuel did marry. Eli married and had two sons, Hophni and Phinehas. “Samuel had two wives. The name of the one was Hannah, and the name of the other, Peninnah. His two sons were Joel and Abijah.

The above mentioned priests were held in high esteem by God despite the fact they were married. Their marriage did not in any way obstruct their performance of service to God?

Why then the marriage of the Roman Catholic Fathers should, were they allowed to marry?

For me, their marriage and raising their children will not in any way interfere with their rendering of credible service to God. They will still have ample time to preach to their congregation and offer them other services as may be required of them by God. If Eli and Samuel as married priests could, why not the present day Roman Catholic Fathers?

Is it not much better to be legally married than to secretly involve themselves in the alleged or proven despicable acts of fornication?

Once, a work colleague told me the following. This is about thirty or more years ago. He said at Dormaa-Ahenkro government hospital, some Roman Catholic nuns were brought in at deep night to have abortion performed on them. He said he was a worker there in those days.

If what he told me was nothing but the absolute truth, then my question is, is it not better for these Roman sisters to marry than to get themselves into sinful fornication only to end up pregnant, then cause abortion?

Finally, the alleged excuse that allowing the present day Roman Catholic Fathers and nuns to marry will be unfair on their predecessors who never got married because of the oath, does in my candid opinion, not come into the equation.

Those were probably honest but some or most of the current priests indulge in some form of sexual immoralities hence they had better marry than to live in deceptive self-denial.

Will God not be happier to see them marry than for them to remain unmarried while they are secretly actively neck deep in sexual practices?

The Pope had better face the reality by acknowledging that it is about time the Catholic Oath of Celibacy was done away with. It is not being respected by many a Catholic priest hence their evidential indulgence in sexual activities as mentioned above.

Rockson Adofo