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Why does the world take advantage of Black folk with such ease?

Why does the world take advantage of Black folk with such ease?
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Never underestimate your opponents in history. So many make this mistake in all of the infantile chest beating and feel good credit seeking so prevalent with these folk lecturing you into fantasy land.

Soberly just look at recent history, even in the 1800s. You cannot defeat a population armed with gatlin guns and you are standing there dressed in straw with spears and arrows and animal skins as your armor. Master and make and improve what they are winning with and you will win also. Even when the Whites gave (exchanged with) Africans and all other populations they conquered guns, those populations were not even making ammunition----so the Whites controlled totally their fighting capacity with the guns. You cannot come to a gun fight with a rock and a stick and expect to win. Even worse be so egotistical and arrogant that you don't even recognize your backwardness. Modernization requires modern education. Modern education requires science, stripped of mysticism and meaningless feel-good stories. Either you make the guns that your enemies have, take them, reverse engineer them, or make your own grave. No one is going to give you a free pass because you are not up to speed. No one feels sorry for you. Black people must stop making excuses. The Japanese and the Chinese turned their situations around with intelligence and strategy using the Whites under capitalism and socialism and reverse-engineering everything they needed to win that they did not have. We have to admit deficiencies then get up to speed with work. Learning lessons from those who won when winning was difficult. Not these childlike decades of talking mess.

How did Whites end up conquering most of the world (browns, blacks, reds, yellows, even other whites) by the late 1890s and end up with control of literally most of the world's land mass? Don't dance around this; go to the heart of the matter---if you cannot stop something in life it runs right over you if it so chooses. Kicking you up and down the streets. Whites did---as Arabs earlier did to North and East Africa, West Asia and Southern Europe. Soberly look into this minus the child-like mess about gods and silly made up story-telling. They had what it took to crush populations they faced and they used it to their advantage. Literary dragging Africans anywhere in the world and working them to death. Over 500 straight years for the Whites in the west and 1400 years for the Arabs in the east. Look at it soberly. Without excuses or mystical excapism. These murderous invaders organized force, brute force with advanced weapontry. And they made winning easy for themselves.

Enslaving, stealing millions of miles of land. working to death 10s of millions, raping, ravaging, destroying whole civilizations? Answer: They had the most advanced military capacity and manufactories and an evolving science based engineering applied to destruction. The physics of it is that they were far in advance technologically of the populations they destroyed. And Black folk and others were far behind in the area of science applied to engineering weapons of mass destruction and means of winning war.

Every single significant area. Others had fallen behind. Or never got up to speed. Humbly do the home work. Guns, Steel shields and armor, diseases, Cannons, later rapid fire Gatlin guns---and they were even in charge of manufacturing the ammunition. Soberly appreciate this. As in the world to day---the Whites sell you the obsolete technology 20-30 years behind. They never sell you their cutting edge (game changer technology). And they are in charge of the parts, ammunition and assess of destruction. Its a playground. To set someone up with obsolete stuff, get them arrogantly fighting, then mow them down after they are exhausted. Then mop up.

So, by the time that Columbus shipwrecked in the Western Hemisphere on a murderous treasure hunt targeting India on October 12, 1492, Whites had been invading, conquering, burning, looting, torturing, raping, stealing and mass murdering each other and nonwhites for thousands of years. Conquest for them was a way of life, especially when their economic systems (primitive communalism, slavery, and feudalism) were on the verge of collapsing. White convicts, criminals, rapists, thieves, the unemployed, the unproductive and other good-for-nothings were dumped on the nonwhite world with new titles of explorers, missionaries, conquistadors, slave traders, and entrepreneurs.

Bible/Torah and gun in hand, Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, Swedes, Jews, Brandenburg Germans, Danes, Dutch, Scots, Irish---all kinds of whites collectively cannibalized and killed off the people of Guanahani Island (later called the Bahamas), crushed the Inca in South America, exterminated the Tasmanians in New Zealand, exterminated on the Caribs and Arawak in the Caribbean Islands, raped and ravaged the Aztecs in Central Americas, wiped out or worked to death hundreds of millions of Africans, murdered millions of Australian aborigines, seized Indo-China and the Far East, plundered Polynesia, pillaged India, razed the Pacific Islands, exterminated the indigenous populations of Hawaii, .seized Greenland and Iceland, Alaska, and Siberia, etc. Only Red China in the 20th century relentlessly rooted whites off of their land.

In total, in less than 300 years these whites ruthlessly depopulated then seized four continents. Whites also captured Africa, while clawing like buzzards with Arabs over stolen Northern African land. In post-Columbian invasions, white murderously seized 25,400,000 square miles of land, some 44% of the land surface of the planet earth. In so doing, these whites increased their territory from Europe's 4,100,000 square miles to a total of 37,000,000 square miles---from 6 percent to over 63 percent of the total surface land on earth. By 1900, most of the world belonged to Europeans. North America, South America, Africa, Australia, the South Pacific, Central America, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Greenland, Siberia, and Iceland were totally dominated by whites. Africa had been raped of its human populations then carved up and parceled out to white nations. Burma, India, Indo-China, the East Indies, parts of Arab territories, and all of the Satellite islands of the South Pacific including Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines were all white "possessions" and "protectorates." But even this was not enough for them.

With so many dead bodies, so much devastation, so much genocide large stretches of freshly depopulated land needed cultivation. Whites then moved from stealing land to stealing bodies to work the land. Africa became the hunting grounds for black skins. Annually, tens of millions of Africans were pulled out of their homes, dragged out of their villages, marched thousands of miles to be sold by whites and Arabs in this destructive process which was planned, sponsored, financed, and carried out by white Jews, Gentiles, Protestants, Catholics, Popes, Muslims, Arabs, mosques, churches, feudal lords, merchants, and common white workers and serfs. Blacks were not making guns, were obviously not technologically equal to the Whites in the destructive elements of war such as guns, cannons, and the cutting edge winning weapons of war. Their manufactures were antiquated, they had fallen behind scientifically, and their educational systems were no match for the invaders who were establishing sciences and engineering applied ted to killing, stealing, and enslaving. They won because they were capable of winning by force. In short, whites made guns and cannons, Blacks could not; just as today they make airplanes, etc. nuclear bombs, drones, bio/chemical weapons, etc., and the Blacks have not. Science makes technology, technology engineers guns and cannons to kill and conquer. Education based on tested applied theoretical knowledge is at the foundation of science. Whites had a monopoly on it, Arabs had some before them after stealing it as contraband from the populations they conquered---especially in African Kmt (now called Egypt) . Since Kmt Africa had fallen far behind. Yell about gods, allahs, and jehovah’s---what separates Blacks from whites, jews, and arabs was guns, steel, and military strategy. Each is based on science, not religion or beliefs. Its the same today only on a much higher level.

So this genocidal siege did not begin with the birth of White capitalism; capitalism is not the only blame it is merely the maturation of earlier behaviors under their feudalism, slavery and even primitive communalism. Nor will it end with the death of capitalism or socialism. The ruling White and Arab cultures, race (population) would still be in charge. In fact, African civilization has been under attack from Whites and Arabs for over 2700 when these invaders' societies were at the stages of primitive communalism, slavery or feudalism. The society or the stage of social development of the White invader did not matter.

The Holocaust of African Enslavement therefore is merely the last 500 years of death and destruction force upon Africans by invading Arabs and whites.

Tell our children. Do your homework. No silly made up stories. Soberly put in the work and get prepared.