The black worker is a white man’s creation

Feature Article The black worker is a white man’s creation

When whites arrived here we were autonomous self serving beings. We worked for ourselves. We had the land and tamed animals mostly. Smaller groups were still hunters and gatherers. We didn’t work for anyone but ourselves.

The diaries of the missionaries speak about how the khoisan refused to work. The white man destroyed our way of life and forced us to be workers for him. The fundamental factor to end african selfsufficiency was land disspossession. In fact Cecil John Rhodes was very clear. He said;

"every black man cannot have three acres [of land] and a cow or four morgan [of land] and commonage right. We have to face the question and must be brought home to them that in future nine tenth of them will have to spend their lives in daily labour".

Being a worker is an identity of subjugation. It’s a station of being sub human and a slave. You must work in order to eat. But since you have no means of production you become a wage slave. Our desires have been reduced to the wage in other to live.

Economic slavery, or wage slavery, refers to one’s total and immediate dependence on wages to survive. Although people throughout history have had to work to get by, we now live in a culture where we are led to believe we have economic freedom, when unbeknownst to most citizens, we are in fact bound in servitude. We automatically accept a 40-hour workweek with meagre hourly pay as normal, even though many work overtime and still struggle to survive. There are also those who make enough to live comfortably but are unable to request less hours—you either work 40 hours a week, or you don’t get to work at all. We submit when told what to wear, when we have to arrive and depart, when we’re allowed to eat, and even when we’re allowed to use the restroom. How is it we have come to allow this?

Freedom, for the most part, is just a word, not an actual state of existence. The reason people believe that they have freedom is simply because their minds are programmed to think that they do. You see, your slavemasters need you to be satisfied with your enslavement to keep you controlled. In order to do that, they give you choices in consumerism and in selecting your occupation. You are “free” to choose your form of slavery and vote for your puppet dictators.

Being free means taking up a struggle to regain our humanity which is the right and capacity to be self sustaining outside wage slavery. In fact we must end wage slavery in other to be truely free. The fight for work is the fight for the station in life that John Rhodes determined for us. Our desires have been shaped by the oppressor and we no longer remember what it means to be free. We are reduced to animals pushing each other at the feeding through.

To be human again we have to break free from the animal level desires and to reclaim our capacity for autonomy by ending the system of wage slavery. Instead of competiting for work we should be fighting for land, the farm, the mine and the bank!

We are currently the products of Rhodes who are pressured by poverty to non thinking sub humans who are focused on the next meal from the master who has empoverished us materially and spiritually. We are self hating creations of Cecil John Rhodes. We have lost the essence of our being.

To be revolutionary is to fight to turn back the long night of colonial terror which has produced us the sub humans at war with each other in other to survive. If only we can raise our gaze above the animal level of existence we could see a whole new world of milk and honey where freedom means to be free.

We must strive to be revolutionary against the tyrany of the now!

I think the commodification of education, of knowledge itself, is the thing that bothers me about capitalism the most. We live our lives working to keep a roof overhead and food on the table, but the food exists regardless.

The homes are there regardless. The materials to build more homes for everyone who might need one are there. Survival is for animals. Humans are way beyond that in our understanding of the world around us.

We could be working minimally to keep society running smoothly, and spending the vast majority of our time learning, exploring, just quietly observing everything around us. We could devote our lives to the pursuit of expanding upon an idea or school of ideas we find particularly interesting or important.

We could be individually and collectively contributing to every aspect of all human knowledge and experience, living the story of a brilliant race of beings whose collective culture was so infinitely interesting and varied and nuanced.

We'd all be able to contribute something if we were free from servitude to debt and capital. Imaginary costs to naturally occurring resources, the produce of those resources and our knowledge, and knowledge itself are claimed and sold to us, as though any being has a right (or the objective, actual ability) to claim the earth, or the trees or minerals in the ground, or the knowledge the human race has continued to build upon and refine since before we were even human.

Capitalist control of education, whether formal or through the media, has us literally buying into its self-serving, manufactured reality-- spending the fake money we get in return for doing jobs so that we can survive, when we're fully capable of providing every child born with the means for survival, and could collectively be living in the next age of human history.

By privatizing and commodifying every imaginable thing into property, we've halted human progress. Whatever we discover is severly limited by the relatively fractional number of people and perspectives that can contribute, and whatever is nonetheless discovered is limited to what will make money, and so immediately made a commodified, capitalized property to be sold to the highest bidder, rather than shared with the collective to benefit us all so that we can in turn add our perspective and experience to keep improving and refining and discovering all that we potentially can.

Capitalist control of education and media has stolen our lives, our imaginations, and our collective potential future.

Euro marxists hold that political education is a product of marxism. What a tragedy!

We must still decolonise Marxism and help our brothers and sisters mired in the western canon like slaves in the plantation. Have they met Garvey; Fanon; CRL James; Biko; Cabral; Rodney; Cesaire.... we must still blacken thought if we going to get out. I am not saying don’t study marx; but it can’t be the alfa and omega. Marx didnt think in black terms. He was a good theorist and revolutionary for the white worker and we know today that from a black perspective white workers are oppressors not the motive force for our liberation. Just check Afriforum and Solidarity. Biko knew this... lets repeat THERE IS ONLY ONE PROLETARIAT AND IT’S BLACK!

I know that we still have some black Marxists among us who rush to defend Marxism and worker movements everytime an Afrocentric scholar is trying to teach African history. The same people defend Christianity too. Talk about Cognitive Dissonance !!!

I'm not a Marxist but use marxist analysis. I'm an African Centred Scholar/Warrior. My ideas and my aspirations are for Africans and formed from African experience and thought.

I study Marxism more than most black marxists. But I refuse to be a slave to European thinking. Karl Marx was not thinking about Africans when he theorized revolution. As a matter of fact Marxism actually is a colonial anti black set of European thinking. Marx promoted the colonization of non European peoples. His friend Frederick Engels actually supported van riebeeck project (I just must find the citation). But such is not an aberration. It is the kernel of Marxist thinking. Once you accept the teleology of the movement of history ala Marx ipso facto you would have to accept that colonialism is a positive development towards not so much socialism but the communist nirvana. Marx is not moralistic about the horror and hardships of "primitive accumulation" that's why he is full of praise for capitalism (yes Marx praises the bourgeois epoch as the most important development surpassing the miracle of the pyramids).

Marxism proper demands that its followers undergo lactification (whitening of the soul and mind). That's why they have a fetish of the worker. They see class not race as the determining factor of analysis and organisation. Is it not an insult to be told to minimize your blackness so as to be a proper subject of revolution? Many impressionable young people with pretension to be intellectual get easily seduced by scientific sounding Marxist categories and quickly abandon their African projects.

Anyway serious thinkers from Cesaire (he refused to be a slave of Marxism/communism and resigned from the French Communist party). Fanon too. Biko helps us understand there is nothing called the white working class (he is in fact echoing Lenin but going further). Already Jaffee has shown Marx to be wrong to think we go to socialism via Europe.

Anyway the real problem here is that the African youth is being hypnotized once again to ignore its African Heritage and deny its blackness for another European experiment. No we won’t do that. Marx is great for whites and we shall take back what he has stolen from us which is useful. Some of our latest converts don’t know that dialectics and materialism were long developed by African thinkers before Marx.

So in short we refuse to be slaves of any white project more so when it says our blackness is an epi-phenomena (by product of capital not foundational to capital formation).

I'm a little impatient with the excitable youth that doesn't do its own home work.

We are African first!

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