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16.03.2007 General News

Getting To Know Ghana

The outpouring of national pride to celebrate the nation's 50th Independence anniversary reveals how strongly Ghanaians feel about their country.

The last soccer World Cup also provided an opportunity for us all to express how much we love this country.

The irony is that we are demonstrating patriotic sentiments for a place we don't know because we have not developed the habit of exploring our own country.

People are born, grow up and sometimes die in certain locations without knowing what pertains in large parts of their districts or even just a few miles away.

Funerals have, in some situations, provided opportunities for people to visit corners of this country they may not venture on their own volition. All the same, it is necessary now to think up moderate packages that can enable as many people as possible see and truly know this country.

This nation abounds in many beautiful and historic sites waiting to be discovered by its own people.

It needs to be pointed out, however, that tourism thrives on the back of information. People need to know what are available around them before they make up their minds to search them out.

Tourism may be a predominantly private-sector driven area but the relevant state outfits must also put in their bit in terms of providing information.

One may argue that travelling for its own sake is not part of our general makeup but searching for knowledge cannot be said to be the preserve of any specific people.

It is about time we stopped waiting around for foreigners to come and tell us how beautiful our country is. Let's make the effort to discover that for ourselves.