Ghana COCOBOD: Does all Power belong to The Management?

Feature Article Ghana COCOBOD: Does all Power belong to The Management?

In an article published by inghananewstoday on Aug.14, 2023, the Management of Cocobod is reported as planning to build Health Care Centers and not roads to cart away the Cocoa?

Come oooooon!!!
Folks- every use of money to help elevate rural poverty is fine but do we have a PLAN to solve our many problems? Can any Agency Management use moneys as they please? Who do they answer to?

The last time we heard of Cocobod their Manager - a man called Opuni- had commanded tons of money to vanish! To date there has been no resolution of the reported malfeasance or crime!

This Cocobod decision shows
1. how we ourselves as a nation are not planning long term but only playing to the dictates of others and

2. How we do not involve the recipients of such development in the cost equation even though they all pay taxes!

What efforts have we made to distribute the cost of roads and infrastructure to the different regions and districts in the nation?

CORRUPTION is so easy for officials because everything is centralized and moneys for roads or Sanitation or Health care given to the road /Sanitation or Health Ministry do not indicate what portion is for building roads, sewage systems or hospitals in my district or yours!

We need to change this! GHANA MUST DECENTRALIZE and have elected town, district and even regional chief executives who will answer to the people!

Any crooked thieves elected to office will oppose and rather want all power centralized so nobody knows and questions the ins and outs of the funds! Is that a democracy? No!!

Ghana Leadership Union, GLU, has submitted on two occasions (2007, 2019) proposals for amendment of the 1992 Rawlings Constitution. The Constitutional commissions never reacted because perhaps they were both prodded by some forces to ignore. Let us ask ourselves: in 30 years have we built a more perfect democratic system of Government or still a dictatorship controlled by one man?

Think about it why corruption and our many socio-economic problems are not being solved and our economy is not helping us but the few in power!

Dr. K. Danso Aug. 14, 2023

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