Okom yɛ ya oo!! poverty Sucks!

Feature Article Okom y ya oo!! poverty Sucks!
JAN 13, 2024 LISTEN

Life is a daily struggle.
How do you grow your Business?
You refuse or are unable to give daily reports and don’t seem to set GOALS and push them.

You spent 8 hours in Church in the last few days but no time reading about what your competitors were doing!

Oh! Forgot you worked for Government so you never worked by setting Goals and pushing to meet them! Why would anybody push to meet deadlines when bonuses and tips were automatic!

Well,, maybe you wanted to do the R&D at your employer’s expense and go do the business yourself in your village?

Do you have enough space with large kitchens and stove and tables and counters and fridges?

You want me to give you the space and pay the bills and buy the stove and fridge and pay your salary for months but when I say you get only 33% of the profit and my accountant talks you say we disrespect you!

Your colleague is even thinking of distributing the “READY TO COOK” products I showed you instead of selling them ON TABLES! Yes I forgot selling on tables was for our mothers old days at Makola and we studied English Literature and even Physics and Chemistry!

Yes! We have brilliant ideas, don’t we!

But many there were in SHS who thought they could fly like the birds of the air and never did! Others thought of faster vehicles like Porsche but others liked the Toyota Landcruiser because of our roads and highways and potholes! After 20, 30 or 40 years we retire on Government pension and envy the B and C students who came from and went back to the mountains or bush areas!

So it’s up to you oo!!
Very soon the prepaid electricity may run out and please don’t bother calling me. A beg! My property tax is due 2 times per year and here we pay to live the fine lifestyle you dream of or see videos of!

Enjoy the heat in Harmattan and my heater comes on automatically here in Winter even though California also has great Sunlight!

Dr. K. Danso - Jan.12, 2024