29.03.2023 Article

The Loyalty Trap: Why Amenfi West Needs to Prioritize Development Over Party Loyalty

By Ebenezer Ansah-Boafo
The Loyalty Trap: Why Amenfi West Needs to Prioritize Development Over Party Loyalty
29.03.2023 LISTEN

The people of Amenfi West constituency have continuously voted for the NDC party since 1992, yet the constituency remains one of the underdeveloped constituencies in Ghana. Recently, I raised a call for the people to change their voting preference in order to try another option that would address their needs.

However, some individuals who commented on my post justified their preference for the NDC by questioning what the current government has done in the past 6 years to bring development to the constituency. This line of thinking is flawed as it fails to recognize that the ruling party prioritizes constituencies that they believe would vote for them. How can the people of Amenfi West expect development when they continuously vote for an NDC Parliamentary candidate to lobby for development under an NPP government when they have failed to lobby under their own (NDC) government?

It is essential for the people of Amenfi West to acknowledge that the NDC, who have continuously won in the constituency, has failed to bring development to the area despite their loyalty. Instead of making excuses for the NDC, the people should demand their fair share of the national cake from the party that benefits from their loyalty.

Former President John Mahama even admitted that he failed to listen to the people of Amenfi West, yet the people continue to follow the NDC blindly. Loyalty to a political party should not come at the expense of development for the constituency.

It is worth noting that Amenfi West has always had an NDC candidate representing them in Parliament since 1992, while the NPP has only had One year six months in Parliament. Despite this, some people continue to argue that the NPP owes them development more than the NDC. This mindset is counterproductive and ignores the fact that the NDC has continuously failed the constituency.

It is high time for the people of Amenfi West to prioritize their needs and vote for a candidate who can bring development to the constituency, regardless of party affiliation. Blind loyalty to a party that has continuously failed to bring development will not benefit the people in the long run.

By: Ebenezer Ansah-Boafo