Dear Member of Parliament (MP)

By Magnus Rex - Danquah
Letter Dear Member of Parliament MP
OCT 27, 2022 LISTEN

It is worth your moment to reflect on this attached poem during such trying times as our nation, GHANA faces a nation and as a people, we owe it not only to ourselves but posterity to do the right thing: STANDING ON THE SIDE OF CONSCIENCE & WITH THE PEOPLE.

This MOMENT IN TIME is more than historic. Don't side with the group whose tenure comes to an end by 2024, when yours will require another term as MP after Elections 2024.

You ought to take a STAND now or forever hold your piece, please let your conscience and the calling of your office guide all your decisions, now and going forward towards ELECTIONS 2024.

Your individual and collective decisions now as Members of Parliament (MPs) are at stake, not forgetting we swim or sink together, whether in Majority or Minority.

Let HISTORY determine your place and not offers of momentariliness influence you, please senior.

STAND ON THE SIDE OF THE GHANA PEOPLE, what is right and proper and good for this nation.

Let the proceedings of the 4th Republican Dispensation, 8th Parliament absolve you for your name to be recorded in history and in gold lettering.

DO THE RIGHT THING on the side of the People and not that of 'FAMILY & FRIENDS'.

There are indeed trying days and weeks and months and years ahead of us as a nation and as a people; it is how we hold ourselves together in unity and singleness of purpose, will we be able to circumvent the unique, troubling precipices that confront us now.

Let your decision count as we salute the Majority Members of Parliament who have done the right and proper thing by calling for the dismissals of the Hon. Minister for Finance and the Hon. Minister of State at the Ministry of Finance.

They both don't need this, if they will only RESIGN on their own accord. The IMF NEGOTIATIONS can advance and conclude without their participation or involvement. Changing them will not hurt or devalue Ghana's options.


Thank you and regards.

RexDanquah, the Ghanaian

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