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21.12.2005 Sports News

Lip Service on Stars

By Kofi Ayisi
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The in-flow of comments (for, against, neutral) on Black Stars' chances at 2006 World Cup in Germany makes interesting reading. At least, unity has been forged in soccer and it is very healthy for democratic Ghana. Thank God, the actual combatants have not responded openly because whatever their opponents' strengths and abilities, the field of play, officiating and some luck will surely decide the end results.

Now brethren, how can the supporting citizens positively and materially contribute to back this glorious wish to conquer the world at the senior stage? IT IS ACHIEVABLE!! Shall we then turn the lip service into real efforts? Donations of any kind need to start pouring in NOW to strengthen our warriors mentally and physically in advance.

No amount of contribution is insignificant. Appeal to Ghanaians and sympathisers everywhere on earth to show love. All hands on deck. The media must compete amongst themselves by announcing/publishing who did what and from where to whip up enthusiasm. Please stop negative gossips about the players' earnings and do your bit since it is a continental call and crusade for the Black Stars have arrived and cannot afford to return to the doldrums. The dreams and the prophesies of the 'only' Pele and Roger Milla must be fulfilled soonest for them to shed tears of joy. Even my Argentine friend for twenty years is rooting for Ghana.

The prophets, bishops and the prayer warriors (Christians, fetish, Muslims, etc.) who are genuinely capable in their beliefs/faiths need to VOLUNTEER their fastings/prayers or services far ahead of time as all are God's kids and will also ask for devine blessings. It shall be on first come basis and persistence. Those in sports medicine, nutrition and herbalists mainly must recommend natural nutrients for boosting energy and performance like diets, herbs or fruits extracts such as Tahitian Noni(champions' secret) and forbid banned drugs, for their moderate use. But to avoid disgrace and elliminate cheats, handlers will do well to have all players closely monitored and regularly tested against banned substances before final selection.

Fortunately, Ghana has a solid, committed and experienced team-players with an unselfish Captain and a can-do coaching staff so let's encourage team-work and stop singling out individuals for praise or criticism. It is the best period for all who missed out on gold medals at the junior level to shine and establish Africans' ultimate ambitions. The achievements yet made by pretenders must be eclipsed if Ghana has to justify her pace-setter and powerhouse status. The Government and Opposition MPs should consider this opportunity the same as striking oil if far-sighted enough. It will be the best inheritance for the youth and future generations.

The GFA sincerely needs the advice and suggetions of Cameroun, Nigeria and Senegal since they have nothing to lose and may genuinely wish Black Stars to excel. Advanced quality preparations cannot be over-emphasized so let us have more contributions instead of day-dreaming. The task is tougher than most of us think. Go, get tickets. Kofi Ayisi - UK Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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