Justice should be served the daughter and people of Yeji

By Faridu Abdul-Wadudu
Opinion Justice should be served the daughter and people of Yeji
SEP 21, 2022 LISTEN

My mind is in a state of unrest. I honestly cannot fathom what happened to the little daughter of Yeji, who was just trying to pursue her academic dreams. It saddens my heart anytime I read issues regarding deaths orchestrated by living beings. And it appears this issue of murder and kidnapping is on the ascendency base on what I read on social media from afar. A couple of months ago, it was a son of Yeji who was murdered in cold blood by his senior at Konongo Odumase SHS. And now, it is the daughter of Yeji who has been bitterly killed by people who need to face similar fate as they did to her.

When I first heard the circular regarding her missing, I was disturbed to the core because I felt evil people are gaining some supremacy in our beloved country, even at the stage where all know we have one of the effective head of police service in the history of our country. As a young son of Yeji with so much trust in the rule of law, and the unwavering commitment of the IGP to fight crimes, and I mean bitter crimes like this, I want to make a passionate appeal and a clarion call that the perpetrators of this inhumane act must face the full rigors of the laws of Ghana. This is a clear opportunity for the country to act seriously to serve as a deterrent to the evil beings among us, who commit such crimes in day light with so much impunity.

Again, I would want to plead with the great Chiefs of Yeji, and all leaders within the peripheries of Yeji to take keen interest in acts that put the lives of their subjects in danger. I would want to urge them to see to it that, the law takes its full effect in this matter. The doers of this crime do not deserve anything call a happy life. They should face the full consequences of their acts in this world before they even meet God in the hereafter. The investigations should be carried out such that it reveals any such acts they probably have done that went unnoticed before this one.

I want to also use this opportunity to caution all and sundry to be law abiding, to be security conscious and also prayerful. And again, I would want to advice our security services to be more proactive than they use to be since crime is still on the rise. We need to make people fear crime in our beloved country. Crime should not have space in our country at all.

My deepest heartfelt condolences to the family and the entire people of Yeji.

Writer: Faridu Abdul-Wadudu, a son of Yeji

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