We Need A 10-Year Embargo, Freeze Or Moratorium On All Forms Of Mining

Legal & Illegal; Surface & Underground -To Save Our Water Bodies For Next Generation
Feature Article We Need A 10-Year Embargo, Freeze Or Moratorium On All Forms Of Mining
SEP 20, 2022 LISTEN

The history of the Old Ghana Empire should inform the current generation of our citizens and the political class, especially the Parliamentarians (MPs) that we need to enact or pass a law to place a 10-year EMBARGO, FREEZE OR MORATORIUM on all forms of MINING, be it LEGAL or ILLEGAL; SURFACE and UNDERGROUND in order to save all our waterbodies from extinction.

The history of the Old Ghana Empire should also inform all kinds of GALAMSEY operators and our rural folks who depend on it for their livel8hoods to join hands with Government, Parliament, Leguslature and the mass of our people to enforce this 10-year temporary ban on all forms of MINING in the country to restore our waterbodies to their unpolluted states.

This call and action is also necessary because the future of our AGRIBUSINESS, especially peasant farming and our natural habitats, particularly our FORESTS, which all form the basis of livelihood for our rural folks is at stake.

Check the history of the Old Ghana Empire, it was the insatiable quest for gold at all costs with their own forms of GALAMSEY that led to their ultimate collapse as a people and as a nation.

Unless of course, we will be okay with importing water for even bathing and cooking?

This PRECIPICE that we currently face, if we do not handle well will lead to our going into a future war with possibly Burkina Faso or Cote d'Ivoire over water for our basic needs.

This PRECIPICE of the degradation of our water bodies and environments might lead to the possibilities of some of our women and mothers giving birth to deformed babies of all sorts because of the quantum and diverse chemicals we have injected into our everything, especially our waterbodies.

This PRECIPICE that is staring us in the face as a nation and as a people, if those of us in the urban areas think we are safe and that it is only our RURAL FOLKS who stand the risks, then we should think again.

GREEDINESS is one strange sickness, capable of shepherding an otherwise sane people to destroy themselves; and unfortunately this where GALAMSEY will lead us if we don't act now.

We all have roles to play, no matter how small.


Dear Honourable Speaker of Parliament, please for the sake of POSTERITY, I write to beseech you to kindly take this call up for the future of our nation, GHANA.

Kindly and humbly submitted, please.


Magnus Naabe RexDanquah

'The Ghanaian'