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When German "The Greens" help destroy the world

When German The Greens help destroy the world
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Only 8% of the land of South Africa can be used to plant crops. Tanzania once an important exporter of tobacco has more than 100.000 hectares of land poisoned by chemicals and artificial fertilizer unfit for another crop.

"The Greens" are once more in power in Germany. They started in the late 1970s when in Germany forests were massively affected by acid rain. Among the followers of the first generation of "The Greens" and the "The Alternatives" advocated for remaining a movement not a political party and not to seek political mandates. Across Europe, their ideas form various national parties to protect the environment as well as to demonstrate alternative political making.

Joschka Fischer entered the German Parliament in Bonn Bundestag with Jeans and sneakers to lead his party into federal politics soon to become the first green Foreign Minister. The proclaimed principles never to use the car pool of the Parliament but bikes from Bonn Train Station to the "Langen Eugen", office building for MPs, and to rotate every two years the MPs not to have too much power in one hand, to have a clear line between mandate holder and political Office holder soon were skipped seeing many founding fathers leaving the party in disappointment.

At a national party congress in 1984 Human Rights activist from East Germany, Rudolph Bahro, declared the votes and support lost could be compensated by the voters of the CSU in Bavaria, very conservatives, as acid rain destroyed their forest. Values and principles were replaced by power and relevance keeping strategies bending over to find more and more support in foreign ponds. While the oldest political party in Germany, SPD, took 80 years to move from Socialism to a broader political belief the " The Greens" betrayed their founding fathers in under 10 years. They did not realize that the established parties easily outmaneuvered them by knowing the tricks of politics.

Bayer Pharmaceuticals company is the owner of Monsanto. Monsanto holds patents on many GMO crops and simple plants like potatoes. The world over they supply artificial fertilizers and chemicals for use in agriculture. Monsanto claims these are needed strategies to feed the ever-growing population of the world. Others say that the activities, especially in Africa have led to many deaths which are not investigated as funds for autopsy are not available.

Bayer might see this as a great business opportunity to offer their pharmaceutical and compensate for the damage caused by critics to claim from various walks of life. The destruction of soil by chemicals has a short positive effect while in the long run destroying lands for generations to come. The profit generated by Monsanto today becomes a generation problem e.g. African nations of tomorrow.

"The Greens" party in power today side by side with SPD and FDP is not raising their concerns and opposition against the soil destruction and potential threat to human lives. As Minister for Agriculture, Economy, and Foreign Affairs the top representatives of the party are in support of Monsanto and Bayer company openly or with closed ears and eyes.

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