28.06.2022 Feature Article

I want my dreams to come true

I want my dreams to come true
28.06.2022 LISTEN

During the night 46 casualties from Mexico were found dead in a cooling truck around San Antonio, Texas border, and 16 were treated in hospital. Hunan traffickers are blamed for the death and hunted down by the Authorities, profiteers of a human tragedy.

Mr. Mueller, Ghana Honorary Consulate Hamburg, Germany ����, 2021: "The Ghanaians drowning in the Mediterranean Sea that you see daily on TV is not the real picture. More die on African grounds. They carry lots of cash on them. Crossing Burkina Faso they get robbed and killed to eliminate witnesses. The lucky ones starve crossing the desert and get killed by other nationals. No western government addresses this situation by asking for an end to only dead people in the water hit headlines back home drawing voters into their corner. Sitting here I hear so many stories that go unheard in our societies."

2020 Germany and the rest of the EU boycotted the sale of small dinky boats to buyers in Syria much laughed about from different angles.

In 2022 the German government extended cooperation with Mali to help a regime they do not like stretching out their support to Niger all to push China and newly forcefully incoming Russia back into their corner.

2022 UK decides to send asylum seekers for processing to Rwanda. The European Court of Human Rights blocked last minute the first flight with migrants from London to Kigali. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson immediately announced that a sovereign country like the UK has a right to make its own decisions even if it means leaving the European Court of Human Rights. He extends his thinking to change the Irish Protocol negotiated and signed by the EU and the UK to taste.

The USA refuses to submit its soldiers to any criminal court in the world regardless of possible violations against universally accepted standards of human rights. Even their Presidents can get away with it.

The UNO was established as a body to fight injustices around the world and coordinate the efforts to make the world a better place and give globalization a meaningful way.

The world over the trend to live in ever closer identity is visible in Scotland, Catalonia, Bask Land, Kurdistan, Somaliland, West Sahara, Togoland, and Biafra to mention a few.

As the world for thousands of years was dominated by secluded countries and nations often fighting each other for various reasons the idea of a UNO even in its infant stages seems today ever more broken down from the big dreams of generations past and present.

The war in Ukraine has exposed the weakness in the core of world politics. It needed this war for US President Joe Biden to say in front of the cameras to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the 2022 G7 Meeting in Castle Elmau, Bavaria, Germany: "Putin thought he could divide us but here you see we have formed a strong alliance thanks also to you my friend."

When the war is over, Ukraine rebuild with US companies having made their profit based on another Marshall Plan, and the underlying egoism of national interests will surface again.

It is too early to declare the idea of the UNO a failure but it is time to dream again of a universal government in which countries are seen like cities. When most of us sit on Moon or Mars looking down on our miserable past we might have a good laugh. Until then it means hard work and never leaving the dream abandoned.

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