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11.04.2005 Feature Article

Prime Rate of 18.5% A Hoax -Rejoinder

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Dear Editor I just read an article "Prime Rate of 18.5% A Hoax - Lens" and I am sorry to say that I am a little disappointed with your editorial board or who ever is responsible for putting this on your website.

You see, you provide such a priceless service to Ghanaians all over the world and other who are interested in our beloved country. Putting such a personal article on the web seens to authenticate it. You could have just picked up the telephone to call the IMF to verify if Dr. Paul A. Acquah, the governor "was only a desk officer at the human resource section of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)" to ascertain the veracity of the article or is it your editorial Policy to publish anything and everything anybody of any political and personal persuasion puts up on anybody? How does the governor's merital status, size of family come in when one is talking about interest rates? I suppose you know who "fags" are, do you? The article seems to suggest that the governor spends his money "on his whisky, fags and dog." Does his sexual orientation matter and is he a "fag"?

Seeing these aspects of the article should have told you that the writer has a personal score to settle with either the governor (directly) or with the government (which appointed him) and I think, assuming your site is not meant to facilitate these things, should not have published it.

I hope you will publish this on your website.

Thank you.

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