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25.02.2005 Feature Article

NPP's "Coup D'etat" Against Our Democracy

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- Ghana On Disatrous Political Path Rhetorically put, is it not a historical fact that no nation has ever achieved peace, stability and national development without shared values, selflessness, dedication and integrity on the part of its political elite? Can we honestly say that our present crop of leaders has such abiding leadership qualities? In our special circumstances as an emerging democracy, don't we think that ethics should form an integral part of our body polity - that we each becomes our brother's keeper? I am referring specifically to state policies and decisions that do not take into direct consideration the plight of the ordinary people - those individuals in our society who are clearly politically vulnerable and powerless.

Let the truth be told here: there is no way we can maintain a peaceful and stable political environment if the ruling government continues to perpetuate political and economic fraud on the great majority of the people. It is an essential part of any well-meaning democracy that the plight of the filthily poor and politically unconnected be taken into serious consideration in implementing any socio-politico-economic policy. The absence of this democratic equation necessarily breeds frustration, rage and anger and inevitably leads to political chaos and instability. Avoiding such political nightmare calls for total commitment on the part of our political leaders to the ideals and ideas of true democracy which dictate that the largesses and burdens of society should be shared fairly and equitably by all classes of the people and not only the politically marginalized. For example, how on earth can any effective government think of increasing prices of petroleum products without a! corresponding reduction in political patronage, waste and elimination of official corrupiton? In a sense, those who are going to be brutally and adversely affected by this obnoxious increase in petroleum products are not the rich and politically connected but that class of Ghanaians who stays up all day and night thinking about what their families are going to eat or how their children's school fees are to be paid, or how they are going to foot and deal with mounting and skyrocketing hospital and utility bills. The cruel irony here is that while the ruling elite sees everything "right" in creating unnecessary ministries and constituencies for their party members, paying themselves outrageous per diem allowances etc; etc, they conveniently forget that the cost of such visionless ventures is cruelly passed on to the poor a la increase in petroleum prices. And, they do not want Prof Mills to talk about "social explosion". When "koraaaaaaaaaa" are we going to call a spade a sp! ade in our effort to create for ourselves a credible and sustainable p olitical system? Do we need to reiterate that abject poverty, injustice (in whatever shade or form) and democracy are never bedmates?

It is highly misleading and mischievous for the NPP leadership to equate their party's electoral mandate to include implementing bad policies, breaking promises with impunity and perpetuating fraud. What is most disturbing about this bizarre claim is that they continue to tell us to just shut up and wait till December 2008! What mischaracterization of electoral mandate! These people have some nerve! In fact, what they stubbornly refuse to recognize or acknowledge is that their electoral mandate does not entitle them to be complicit in criminal and unethical matters. Indeed, what their electoral mandate clearly means is that they should continue to fortify the institutions of state by crafting policies that grow the confidence and trust citizens have in their government. This horribly disappointing government has proven time and time again that it has no respect for such time-tested and cherished democratic principle. All it cares about is to trash the confidence and trust th! e electorate gave it only last December. For example, some of us are mentally tortured to think of the unfortunate fact that the murderers of the late Mobilla are still at large with nothing coming out of the state's investigation into this political murder. How disheartening! Also, can anybody make sense how on earth they secretly voted to confirmed Dr. Anane, Edumadze, Jake and I.C. Ouaye in the face of those credible allegations? And, these are individuals who profess to be truly and genuinely committed to democratic principles! How can they so brazenly and mindlessly dissipate the goodwill of the good people of our country by blindly supporting the worst in this government and at the same time expect the citizenry to have confidence and trust in our state institutions?

Yes, we should call this government to order - with all sincere apology to the venerable Prof Mills - before it destroys our emerging democracy!


We shall return. William Antwi (BAFO AKA OYOO BUSANGA) NEW YORK. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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