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Conflict Management And Prevention: Different Perspectives Of Conflicts And Different State Actors

By Marshmello (Clive Essuman)
Conflict Management And Prevention: Different Perspectives Of Conflicts And Different State Actors
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What is a conflict

Conflict is about disagreements between two or more people. As scripture clearly states no two people can walk together unless they agree with each other. I can go on to say that the sources of conflicts are limitless such as: individual characteristics, personality, values, goals, commitment to position, stress, anger, behavior, distributive relationship, Status differences. Also, conflicts are a daily life experience. Moreover, in a general sense, when human beings come together for any reason, conflict is inevitable (Nicotera, 1993) due to different reasons including personal, contextual and organizational variables. Since organizations are composed of humans, it is important to understand conflict, its dynamics and its consequences for organizations and organizational members. Particularly, interpersonal conflict as a complex issue is a natural consequence of human interaction in any organizational setting due to working together, being interdependent and having divergent ideas and interests (Bell and Song, 2005; Lewicki et al., 2003). Thomas (1992a) states that conflict should be recognized as one of the basic processes that must be managed within 4 organizations No one is perfect as we all make mistakes. it is great to note that, we are meant to make mistakes in life and not fake perfection. In other words, conflicts have been with us for a long time. The existence of conflict may be prolonged humankind history so that since early literary times people have been writing about conflict (Wall, & Callister, (1995), p. 518 & p. 527). When one speaks about conflicts there are numerous writings beneath the conflict. the conflict concept has no single clear meaning due to scholars in various disciplines.

Sources/Types of conflicts

Domestic Abuse/ Gender based violence

Abuse does not just happen out of the blue. something must have triggered it and this is however the difficult part to figure out because, the victim seems to be in a state of disbelief and shock and would hate to come to terms with the scene. This bring chaos if it does not discontinue it could lead to death, divorce or terminal illness like: Parkinson disease.




When told how to make a choice, love clouds our judgements. Love is a strange diction to put our minds around. Love has however become the number one reason for divorces worldwide. However, the number one victim of this happens to be women. Who are however stuck with the traditional “hostage mentality (an African belief).” God created us with wisdom and made us self-inherent therefore we cannot become someone’s else “pouching bag” and we must take our mental health much seriously and start to clear off the misconception of the servitude mentality. The Bible clearly states we should love others as ourselves and we cannot be loving ourselves by allowing someone else to take their will on our lives. Furthermore, covering up an abuse does not make you a survivor but a fool and a coward. There is an adage that “love blinds all senses.” However, it cannot go to the extent of causing your mobility and mental health a huge damage. Moreover, “charity begins at home”. As men, one should first learn to respect and love our wives as ourselves. They are not slaves. A quote from a mentor I met and adore named Dr. Neille Kangwa. PHD says anytime you sincerely want to make a change in your life. The first thing you must do is to Raise your standards as a woman. More also, our speech in this life affects the heaven for whatever we bound on earth is bound in heaven. In the words of the above-mentioned mentor, “what you talk about is what the universe responds to. Change your conversation if you want to change your life. There is always these words to live by one cannot change a human only God can. In Dr. Neille’s words or as she puts it” if you pray, plan, and prepare while remaining pure for marriage, you will prosper in your marriage. Always keep it in your mind that God is the captain, the third person and no accessory aside Him matters.

Clive Essuman (Marshmello)

Policy Analyst and Humanitarian Advocate.

QUOTE FROM: “Transitioning into the Courts of Heaven”.

“The Make of a Real Woman”

Religious Conflict in Action.


More than 100 years ago there were crusaders who fought on an agenda to kill those who did not believe in God and felt justified or saw what they did as correct. There is a term for that war that they had imagined called a cosmic war. It however is a spiritual war that manifest to the physical for the believers and if one goes on to read scriptures. There would realize that, there are metaphors used to illustrate that each Christian is waging war against the devil.


Have you ever been forced or evangelized to about joining a faith without any reason? Or in other words, forcefully pushed to join a faith without any of your consent. Well, believers have a way with words as do marketers and however spreads conflicts like the fires in California. No one has to be forced to learn your faith and however in order for there to be peace there would be the space for different faiths to practice their faith without reproach.

Prevention/Methods to Combat Conflicts.

One of the best ways to combat conflicts is to not take sides, to listen more and understand the issue that is been discussed. In this study particularly, interpersonal conflict handling styles are studied with a perspective of brief historical background indicating the developing process of conflict concept. As there was a complexity of defining interpersonal conflict coming from various definitions, the problem is overcome with the conceptualization of interpersonal conflict with three dimensions either it is task related conflict or relationship conflict (Barki and Hartwick, 2004). Additionally, two-dimensional view for handling styles beginning from Blake and Mouton (1964) is given with a situation list view suggesting five styles as integrating, obliging, compromising, dominating and avoiding (Rahim, 1983). What really got me writing this article was the fact that, my favorite cartoon character (Homer Simpson) had a whole world view when shut up and began to become more loving and a great father than the usual drunk he is.


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