The World Bank Gave The NPP Government $430M For COVID-19, They Told Ghanaians $100M, Where Is The Remaining $330M?

Feature Article The World Bank Gave The NPP Government 430M For COVID-19, They Told Ghanaians 100M, Where Is The Remaining 330M?
MAR 14, 2022 LISTEN

As patriotic citizens that care about the growth of Ghana and the welfare of the people, we have the right to ask questions and also reject something the majority is not interested in.

So it’s time to ask Nana Akufo Addo if the World Bank has clarified that they gave the government $430 million to tackle the coronavirus in Ghana, we want to know where the remaining $330 is because the NPP government told Ghanaians they were given only $100M.

A lot of damage has been done to Ghana because of greed, human errors, corruption, and nepotism, surprisingly; I see many are not interested in tackling these issues that continue to affect the country’s infrastructures and the economy.

Rather, what Akufo Addo and his government are interested in is forcing the Supreme Court to come out with a law that will favor them to pass the E-Levy.


The Ghanaian government is making millions of dollars from COVID tests, especially, those with foreign passports, at the Kotoka International Airport, yet nobody knows where the money goes. Photo credit: AFP

Ghana as a tropical country is among other African countries with less impact of the coronavirus, yet the World Bank was able to assist Ghana with $430 million. Apart from that the European Union also assisted with €86.5 million to fight COVID-19 in Ghana.

As already revealed, before the coronavirus, Ghana’s economy has already crumpled, therefore, it’s a complete lie to blame the COVID for Ghana’s current economic crisis.

The controversies surrounding the E-Levy are issues we need to bring to the discussion table. For example, according to some NPP politicians, the NDC doesn’t like to see the success of the NPP government, the reason the party is opposing the passing of the E-Levy by the Parliament and more importantly, it shouldn’t be a worry to the NDC if the E-Levy will keep the NPP in opposition.

That’s a real childish talk from a group of incompetent, unthinkable NPP politicians because it’s not the NPP government going to the opposition that matters but the difficulties the next government coming to power will encounter should be the main problem they have to address but have refused to deal with that issue because of greed and selfishness.

Let’s begin with this simple mathematics, for example, if Ghana’s external debt is $300 billion and after the approval of the E-Levy, they use it for a loan of $150 billion, the country's total external debt will be $450 billion.

If the NPP goes to the opposition in 2024, they don’t care anymore, therefore, this debt will become the burden of the next government. We have been told many times that politics is a dirty game but Ghana’s is the dirtiest, trust me.

Even though the NPP government knew the debt they incurred before going to the opposition will be a burden to the next government in power and also takes several years to pay such debts, the same NPP party will start their dirty political agenda and propaganda against the party that they are incompetent and can't solve the people's problems.

I am very sure this is what intelligent Ghanaians and the NDC party want to avoid since paying off long-term debts affects a country’s development and economy.

However, what I don’t understand is why Akufo Addo wouldn’t like to answer questions about the COVID missing funds and the reason Ghana is in debt without accountability but rather interested in the passing E-Levy?

Ghana has heads of churches, Christian Council, Muslim communities, etc; yet, nobody is interested to ask our president, Nana Akufo Addo where are the missing COVID funds or why Ghana is in huge debt without accountability?

Rather, they went to the official residence of the former Ghanaian president, John Mahama to convince him to accept the passing of the E-Levy. Aren’t they ashamed of yourselves?

I live in Belgium for over two decades, despite all the good things the government has done for me, they know me very well as the only African writer that continues to criticize the Belgian government over many things affecting black people, so why wouldn’t I criticize Ghana, a country that has never done anything for me, while the common people are suffering?

I read about attacks from here and there that Ghanaians in the Diaspora should stop criticizing the government and come to Ghana to help build the country, yet when I decided to do so, I lost 10,000 Euros investment because my plot was resold to another person by the chief.

This has never happened to me in Belgium, therefore, if Ghanaian leaders or politicians wouldn’t like to be criticized, they should create an effective judiciary system that will put anyone who commits a crime, despite the person's status, behind bars and also stop stealing the government’s money because their greed and selfishness are affecting the common people, especially, those unemployed.

My advice to Akufo Addo is not to force this fraudulent E-Levy on the common people who they have denied jobs for over five years. If he is a serious president, he should make efforts to trace the missing COVID funds, more importantly, the NPP politicians are receiving fat salaries and several benefits, so they should cut their pay to salvage the economy. This is what is a responsibility and good leadership mean.