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African Unity is a threat to Africans

African Unity is a threat to Africans
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It is amassing to hear an African talking about African Unity today. I wish Osagefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah would be alive to hear his helpless African brothers now singing the song of unity. He will as well be turning himself in his grave for hearing this. A Song which was too strange to them when he Nkrumah was singing. His African brothers and his own people (the Ghanaians) thought that he was speaking in tongues. They said he was out of his mind. They said crucify him because this African unity ideology and development of Ghana is a threat to Africans. Yes why not a threat?. Today we could say they are right to condemn this spirit of unity. Today some Ghanaians are waiting for miracles from heaven that can change them after collaborating with the CIA, Britain, France and USA in destabilizing our development and African unity dream.

It is said “The evil that men do lives after them”, so let it be with Kwame Nkrumah.

Now in Accra, on Nov. 29, GNA - Speaker of Parliament, Mr Peter Ala Adjetey on Friday was heard saying that African nations must take practical steps to remove the various barriers between African countries, if the talk about African Unity was to become a reality. He made the remark when a 10-member Nigerian Parliamentary Delegation called on him in his office, as part of their three-day visit to the country to attend a seminar on petroleum.

The Speaker noted that economic and political blocks were being built in the rest of the world while African countries saw more impossibilities than possibilities in making the dream of African Unity a reality.

Yes our unity talks is a dream and we shall be dreaming for ages if not decades in our history. How can you talk about unity if you don´t even understand the meaning of unity?. How can we talk about unity when in our own country Ghana we cannot unite because we don´t know the worth of unity?. How can we talk about unity to Africans when our own leaders are full of hypocrisy, hatred, nepotism and corruption?. How can we unite other Africans if we still have tribalistic tradition in our country?.

How can Nigerians unite others if in their own country the Ibo´s, Hausa´s and the Yuroba´s …. Cannot sake hands with each other in their own country?.

Mr Peter Ala Adjetey said, "the west takes us for granted because they have seen our un-seriousness about fostering unity and moving forward as one people," adding "no wonder they associate us only with things like HIV/AIDS, conflicts and others, for which they pretend to provide relief and make mockery of us in the process".

Yes the imperialist will like to see us suffer under such circumstances because they have found out how foolish, naïve and low-minded we Africans despite our intellectuality are. Yes, why should´nt they be happy about our downfall if we were not so naïve to help them kill our own leaders who wanted to introduce unity to us?. This they will do with President Mugabe sooner or later.

Mr Adjetey said considering the amounts of money the West gives to other nations where they have interests, to what they give to Africa as a continent in a whole year, one was not far from right to say that they simply took Africa for a joke and in the process they even benefited more from African economies.

Yes, why shouldn´t they take us as idiots if despite that we know this we are still sleeping?

In another development we heard Prof. John Evans Atta Mills on the 2nd December saying that: "There is hope for Africa," in a speech to hundreds of students and faculty at Claflin University in Orangeburg.

I hope someone out there should ask Prof. Atta Mills which hope do Africans have so-far as we are still slaves to the colonial masters?. Are our colonial masters, the Americans, the British and the France ever prepared to set us fully free from bondage?. Does Prof. Mills himself believe that they will be happy to see the African really free from neo-colonialism?. Will it be possible for the colonial master to leave the African to manage his own affairs as they are doing?. Do we believe that the colonial master will ever help their salves to be wise?. Is it possible for the white man to tell his slaves how he managed to develop and loose their feeding place?.

Is it not true that the African is afraid of his colonial master and as such will be quite impossible for an African to tell him enough is enough?. Don´t let us fool ourselves.

Prof. Mills said "There are all sorts of difficult problems confronting Africa" but "there is a wind of change that's blowing across Africa,".

One may ask Prof. John Evans Atta Mills what type of wind is blowing in Africa if African leaders cannot even support their own African leader to possess his possession in his own country Mozambique?. Have they not all betrayed Mugabe for proving to the colonial master that Africa belongs to the African?. Shall there be a wind that will blow in Ghana that will ensure that Rawlings and his accomplices are brought to justice for committing treason? What type of wind is Prof. Mills talking about?. Another sweet talks or he is the wind that will be blowing in Ghana or in Africa to ensure that justice is done to Africans?.

"What has gone wrong?" the former law professor asked, then offered his own answers.

-- Colonialism "left Africa with weak states" that were never able to achieve political and economic strength. He said, "unless African countries realized the folly in remaining as individual states and, thereby ensuring that the various barriers are removed, we will remain in our state of poverty and generations after us would become captives of our folly. "We must take our destiny into our hands and ensure that we move forward as a united people," he said. "It is about time our leaders adhered to the dictates of the various protocols on African Unity signed by our people's and removed the visa requirement and other barriers to African Unity."

No, I say that is not the answer to our problems. The answer is, until we Africans realize how naive we are and how fearful we are, till we realize how corrupt we are, till we realize our mental imbalances, till we realize we do away with tribalism, till we realize that the African leader has stopped telling lies to his people, the dream of uniting Africans will be A THREAT to the African psyche. God have mercy on Africans. Prince Aidoo Junior (Evangelist) Ghana Social Democrats Germany Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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