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Ghana Shall be Reformed- GSDM

Ghana Shall be Reformed- GSDM
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Where is Ghana heading to?

“Blessed are those who survive with the rhythm of the universe; for their souls shall not invisage the iniquity of nature. Woe betides ye who seeks for the natural talent, which is like a dangerous decease within the body that takes several decades to destroy the soul; for ye shall never be free from, sorrow, oppression, moral and the iniquity of nature” Prince Aidoo.

Fellow good citizens of Ghana, please lend me your ears. I am here to say that the crow will never stop crowing until those who are sleeping hear the sound of his voice and wake-up. This crow will not stop crowing until the dead hears this voice. It is a voice that the righteous are ready to hear. It is a voice that the evil will not like to hear because of his iniquity against humanity. But fellow women, men and children of Ghana, this evil in our society will never be free until he is forced to hear this undisputed voice of the New African. It is the voice those who are in political bondage will like to hear because their redeemer is coming to release them from economic and social injustice.

It is the voice that will shake the three pillars of evil. I say to you today that I have a vision that our motherland Ghana shall be reformed. I have a vision that the day is coming when people shall lift up their voices together and shall sing the song of freedom and justice once again in their lifetime. They shall see the light when the New African appears in their midst and shall demand without condition the “freedom and justice” that has been stolen from them some 49 years ago.

Are we not witnessing politicians who are: criminals, murderers, liars, intellectual arrogant, money-conscious, triabalist, envious, and above all corrupt? With these negative qualities they have dampened our hopes for a better tomorrow and in the process, they have destroyed our nation, they have destroyed our good name and about to destroy our culture. Forty nine years later, the life of the average Ghanaian is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of corruption, murder, wickedness, discrimination and tribalism. Now see how these same disgruntle leaders are fighting themselves over one parliamentarian seat at Odododiodio? They are fighting for this single seat as if that seat will help them develop the country. Day in day out they see doctors, teachers, worker going on strike or leaving the country and yet have no interest in the future of these citizens. They can go or stay if they want is the motto of the president and his cronies. These same politicians cannot tell us what the future of our agriculture, neither could they tell us the faith of our economy, our education, our industrialisation, our justice, our fight against corruption left alone accountability in the next 5-10 years. What vision do these crooks have for Ghanaians apart from fighting for money and power? We could now see that the proclamation of “Freedom and Justice” in 1957 was like a nightmare. Today the average Ghanaian lives on a lonely island of poverty and still languishing in the corners of imperialist and neo-colonialist society. Begging the same imperialist for a living is the political agenda. The national identity and pride is lost forever. Our leaders borrow everyday money from their colonial masters and cannot pay for. Why can they not pay for what they borrow?. The answer is quite not fetched.

These are leaders who have no ideas, gets these money and yet do not know how to create jobs for their people. They have been borrowing money from international monetary fonds and yet cannot tell us how many industries have they been able to create out of this money since 1966?. Today one cannot pay for education neither can most of our children have three meals a day. Have our ancestors not suffered in vain?. One may wish to know why we have arrived at this sad state of existence? The present day Ghana is in total disarray, a complete divergence from the conceived aspirations for a better Ghana by our forefathers. They carried out their vision in collective selflessness, denying themselves any acts of individualism, with the hope that in the end, the achievement of their cherished dreams, the liberation of Ghana, the then Gold Coast, from the shackles of mental, physical, and psychological slavery, as well as from white colonial domination and superiority in our own land would justify the struggle. Has the present day Ghana justified the sacrifices of human lives and arbitrary imprisonment suffered by our forefathers at the hands of the colonialists, all for the benefit of posterity? The immeasurable efforts and sacrifices made in the face of the then obvious hostilities to procure freedom for us have now come to naught.

The birth of the GHANA SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT (GSDM) has its vision to intervene in our disgraceful political scene and to pick-up the pieces left over in our 49 years painful political history. What have our children learned from these wicked, selfish, murderers, hypocrites, liars, and above all corrupt leaders? We shall never be satisfied until freedom, social justice, accountability and democracy prevails in this country. Our reformation strategy is to revisit our constitution and to ensure that there is justice written in it. We shall ensure that never again shall anyone be seen to be above the law of this republic. A lawless country is a useless country. To reform a country, the battle against corruption, nepotism, triabalism and lies in the state apparatus will be inevitable. This reform is necessary and we are aware of the resistance of those wicked and selfish elite. We shall not be satisfied until the Ghanaian is left in peace, and capable of managing our own affairs. No, we shall not be satisfied until Ghanaians realise that we can unite and break our tradition, culture, language, economic, social and political and ideological differences and shall ensure that never again shall united Ghanaians sit down for bunch of “Elite” to be seen above the law of this republic. That is the pledge of Ghana Social Democratic Movement. The youth of this generation shall never be satisfied until Justice is done to those who suffered injustice. With our commitment, Ghana shall be reformed, and shall be set-free once again from imperialism and neo-colonialism forever. God bless you.

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