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GSDM shall put an end to tribalism.- Prince Aidoo

GSDM shall put an end to tribalism.- Prince Aidoo
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"GSDM will never be satisfied as long as the Ghanaian remains a victim of Injustice".

"I have often been accused of pursuing a `policy of the impossible`. But I cannot believe in the impossibility of demanding freedom and justice any more than I could ever have thought of the impossibility of attaining Justice in Ghana". Prince Aidoo.

Fellow countrymen,

I know that the more I talk, the more people will accuse me of pursuing a `policy of the impossible`. Why not, because my ways are not their ways neither are my thoughts their thoughts. They accuse me as a preacher for not preaching "Everlasting Life" and "Prosperity" to poor people and make a living as my compatriots do. Instead, they say I am rather interested in preaching the "TRUTH" which is an abomination to the people.

Perhaps they might be right in advising me to overlook the suffering of my people who are still under political bondage and be mindful of my business as a preacher. Perhaps my accusers might be right because in the society where I was unfortunately born, the word "Truth" is an abomination in our culture and anyone who talks about that "Truth" should be charged with "Treason" and punished. Fellow country men they are wrong.

Fellow countrymen, is it time for jubilation, or it is time for pouring down tears after this election results? Have we now realised how political leaders can use “tribalism” as an instrument to win votes? I hope those who are sleeping are now about to wake-up and see that it is all about tribalism (divide and rule tactics) that our leaders are interested and not the welfare of our people. We are all witnesses to the country's lost of direction in the last 49 years, as such the only remedy for our wicked politicians who have failed in their duty, is to let the Ghanaians knock their heads together and blame each other for the mistakes of these same wicked politicians.

Country men and women, let's shoot straight here; tribalism has become an uncomfortable feature in our society despite repeated calls and promises by politicians of all shades to wipe it out. It is Fantis against Ashantis, Ewes against Northerners and Northerners against Ashantis and vice-versa. Who are those who planted tribalism in our society? Who are those who brought about these divisions in our society? I think our historians will have an answer to this. Today the new generation is aware of this. The New African in whose name I always speak has this to tell his fellow men, women and children of Ghana. “I am mindful of this tribal sickness, which has brought many sorrows and hardships to our people. This SICKNESS, I PROMISE, shall be healed before 2008 when the youth of this country shall take over the leadership of this country”. The result of this election should not be seen as a victory for any political party in the broad sense. You will all agree with me that the development of our nation has stalled because of tribalism. The next four years will be no different. I hope Ghanaians will have eyes to see it.

None of these political leaders has any meaningful vision. They cannot tell us what our agriculture was in the past 49 (forty nine) years and what it will be in the next four years to come. They cannot tell us what our economy was in the past 49 (forty nine) years and what it will be in the next four years. They cannot even tell us what our education was in the past 49 (forty nine) years and what it will be in the next four years. Look at how our villages were in the past 49 (forty nine) years? Look at the lives of our poor farmers in the past 49 (forty nine) years and you will perhaps understand what I am talking about. Look at how much money was borrowed from the World Bank and other International financial institutions? Can they tell us what they really did with the money? If they claim to have used it wisely without stealing almost 50 per cent of it, then someone with a clear mind should ask them how come the country is so much in debt and now called a HIPC country?. Since 49 (forty nine) years after independence, has any government paid attention to the development of the Northern and Volta regions of Ghana? Are they not part of Ghana? Just look at the number of industries set-up in the first two decades after independence and how many have been established since? What is the sense then in rejoicing over the just concluded elections? What promises do politicians have for the poor and uninformed Ghanaians this time? How long will it take the average Ghanaian to understand the falsehoods and half-truths being peddled by these politicians?

Fellow countrymen, is there anything so marvellous about these election results that we have to jubilate about? Do I have to ask more of these questions? Ghanaians, wake up from your deep sleep and embrace the coming of the New Generation political party that will ensure that tribalism is brought to an end, and those who brought tribalism about will be exposed. They know themselves. This “New Wind” which will be blowing beginning in 2005 till 2008 will spare no one. We will demand “Freedom and Justice” with all dangers than slavery in tranquillity. They will run but cannot hide from Justice. We shall remind them about atrocities meted against our people. We shall make them accountable for every sin committed against Ghanaians and shall make sure that they repent and apologise to their victims.

We shall ensure that any illegally inserted “Clauses” in our constitution, that prevents these criminals to be prosecuted will be wiped away from our constitution so as to pave way for the Law of Ghana, if any, to take its course. There shall be no freedom and justice in this country unless these things are checked. This outcome of this elections should therefore not be seen as deliverance, but should be viewed as a day of mourning for many Ghanaians because their wounds have not been healed, instead those wounds have been covered with the same old dirty cotton wool. The elections should be seen as a bitumen road which its potholes has been patched with Red soil. What will happens when the heavy rains falls? Those who have ears let them hear. God bless you. Prince Aidoo Junior. Ghana Social Democratic Movement. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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