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Ghana shall be free again

Ghana shall be free again
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“Blessed are those who survive with the rhythm of the universe; for their souls shall not invisage the iniquity of nature. Woe betides ye who seeks for the natural talent, which is like a dangerous decease within the body that takes several decades to destroy the soul; for ye shall never be free from, sorrow, oppression, moral and the iniquity of nature”

"I have often been accused of pursuing a `policy of the impossible`. But I cannot believe in the impossibility of demanding freedom and justice any more than I could ever have thought of the impossibility of demanding Justice for mankind if there is any such Justice". Prince Aidoo. Fellow good citizens of Ghana, please lend me your ears. I am here to say that the crow will never stop crowing until those who are sleeping hear the sound of his voice and wake-up. This crow will not stop crowing until the dead hears this voice. It is a voice that the righteous are ready to hear. It is a voice that the evil will not like to hear because of his iniquity against my people. But fellow women, men and children of Ghana, this evil in our society will never be free until he is forced to hear this undisputed voice of the New African. It is the voice those who are in political bondage will like to hear because their redeemer is coming to release them from economic and social injustice.

It is the voice that will shake the three pillars of evil. I say to you today that I have a vision that our motherland Ghana shall be free again. The time is coming when Ghanaians shall see from the mountains how beautiful are the feet of him that brings good tidings, and he that publishes peace; he that brings justice and righteousness to their door-steps. I have a vision that the day is coming when people shall lift up their voices together and shall sing the song of freedom and justice once again in their lifetime. They shall see the light when the New African appears in their midst and shall demand without condition the “freedom and justice” that has been stolen from them some 49 years ago.

Are we not witnessing politicians who are: criminals, murderers, fornicators, adulterers, liars, backstabbers, arrogant, envious, and above all corrupt? With these negative qualities they have dampened our hopes for a better tomorrow and in the process, they have destroyed our nation, they have destroyed our good name and our culture. Forty nine years later, the life of the average Ghanaian is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of corruption, murder, wickedness, discrimination and tribalism. The proclamation of “Freedom and Justice” in 1957 was like a nightmare. Forty nine years later, the average Ghanaian lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. Forty nine years later, the average Ghanaian is still languishing in the corners of imperialist and neo-colonialist society and finds himself an exile in his own land. Begging the same imperialist for a living is the political agenda. The national identity and pride is lost forever. So let us stand up as united Ghanaians and sing the song of “Freedom and Justice” Let the bell of freedom and justice ring from the north, east, west and south of Ghana. Let the bell of justice ring in the ears of our brothers and sisters who the imperialist took into captivity some 50 years ago and who are still yearning to see their motherland free one day from corruption and brutality. Those in the Diaspora will come back home one day and we shall wipe away the tears in their eyes. Yes, let the bell of freedom and justice ring in the ears of those Africans who by virtue have become stooges for the imperialist till they will realise their iniquities. Yes let the bell of brotherhood, love and unity ring in the ears of those wicked citizens and politicians till they turn away from their suspicious minds and repent from their transgression against their own people. Let the bell of freedom and justice ring in the ears of the imperialist until they realises that an African was not born to be their slaves or keeper of their vineyards forever and that they should realise that after all the African was created by the same God who created them and has the right as a Black man to live in freedom and manage his own affairs. Fellow women, men and children of Ghana, freedom and justice can not be given, but can be taken. This can only be accomplished if those wicked leaders are held responsible and accountable for their wrong and corrupt deals that led to the colaps of this country. How did Ghana become HIPC? Was it because there were other invisible nationals among Ghanaians who were milking Ghanaians dry or it was the same visible leaders who killed the pride of the suffering Ghanaian with their corrupt political songs?. How can we develop if they will be left to go scot-free?. Who holds who responsible for the woes in Ghana?. No they should be held accountable will all dangers. Ghana can only develop and be free from such wicked, selfish political leaders if we are courageous enough to hold them accountable after their services. We shall prove to any leader in our country that after all except God who can be above the law of this universe. With this in mind, GSDM will present a powerful leader in the history of Ghana who is free from corruption, a leader with a vision, a leader with compassion, a leader who is not a liar, a God fearing leader, a leader who is courageous, and above all, a leader who has the wisdom to bring sanity into this country once again. He shall wipe away the tears of his people and shall heal their wounds. He shall instil discipline in our youth and shall teach them to fear God and to be faithful to their motherland. He shall pick-up the pieces and comfort the broken hearted. He shall seek for forgiveness for those who tresspassed against the weaker ones. He shall comfort their souls and as he has promised, Ghana your beloved country shall be “Free forever” again. Those who have ears, let them listen.. I wish you all his blessing and guidance for the coming Christmas and a prosperous New Year. God bless you all. God bless Ghana our motherland and protect us from the evil leaders. Prince Aidoo Junior (Evangelist) Ghana Social Democratic Movement. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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