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Things That Makes You Go Hmmmmmm (IV)

Things That Makes You Go Hmmmmmm (IV)
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I am in Ghana, enjoying the so-called breeze of freedom invented by the NPP (Non Performing Party) or is it No Policy Party (NPP). I plan to attend a session of the NRC (Nail Rawlings Commission) and visit my Highly Indebted Poor Colleagues (HIPC) before leaving. Acronyms like this makes the No Progress Party (NPP) go hmmmmmm “...the decision to suspend the payment of the MP loan was based on the fact that the meagre deductions could not meet the repayment schedule...." Since when did the Finance Ministry discover that on a salary of $300 per month, only armed robbers could pay back a $20,000 loan? And these are the same people who take care of our finances. No wonder we are where we are. Calculations like this make ENRON accountants go hmmmmmm Justice Afreh was part of the AFRC Gov't NRC's General Erskine was part of Acheampong's Gov't President Kufuor was a member of the PNDC General Hamidu was an AFRC member? The hypocrisy in Ghana's politics knows no bounds. Turncoats like this make those who shouted "let the blood flow" go hmmmmmm According to the Food and Agriculture Organization global hunger is increasing, but nineteen countries, including Ghana, succeeded in reducing the number of undernourished throughout the 1990s. Who ruled Ghana in the 90s? Some of Rawlings’ accomplishments make the Accra Daily Mail go hmmmmmm Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has cancelled a visit to Ghana next week, citing "Parliamentary obligations." Is President Kufuor, who never refuses nor cancels an invitation, listening? He even celebrated one of our independence days in Australia. Running a country is not a tourist trip Cancellations like this make Kufuor go hmmmmmm Total inward remittances from Ghanaians abroad increased significantly from the beginning of the year reaching 1.5 billion dollars at the end of September. First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana said the massive level of foreign exchange inflows was a reflection of confidence in the Ghanaian economy. What logic is that? Mr. Governor, we send more money home when things are tough. It’s twisted logic like this that makes “burgers” go hmmmmmm I hope readers can help me figure this out: Ghana has a Minister of Local Government and Rural Development who is in charge of Accra through the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and the 109 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies. But there is also the Minister of Tourism and Modernization of the Capital City who also has specific ministerial responsibility for Accra. Then there is the Greater Accra Regional Minister who is also in charge of Accra. Of course the Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive is also in charge of Accra. If you’re confused like me, take a deep breath and just say hmmmmmm The Government of Ghana wants Tsatu Tsikata to stand trial for causing 2.3 billion cedis financial lose to the state during his tenure. Wereko-Brobby (a.k.a Wrecking Brobbey) has equally made the country loose 500billion cedis through the strategic plant, which still fails to produce power. However, the ex-CEO of VRA has not even been charged with anything. Selective justice like this makes “Guantanamo prisoners” go hmmmmmm Last week a minister advised medical professionals to cultivate the spirit of sacrificing. Mr. Minister when was the last time you sacrificed for the good of the nation? “Do what I say not what I do” make communist go hmmmmmm Read these headlines culled from in the last 2 weeks HIV policy to be introduced soon New Roads Traffic Regulations Soon GBC To Go Digital soon Everything is to be completed soon, sometime, at a later date…... Not now. It’s times like this that Janet Jackson sings “what have you done for me lately”. hmmmmmm MP car loans; don't worry. Armed robbery on the rise; don't worry. Ghana-US non-surrender agreement; don’t worry. Corruption in government; don't worry. Too many ministers; don’t worry. Two billion cedis can't be accounted for at police headquarters; don’t, worry. Don't worry about zero tolerance. Don't worry about the campaign promises. Don’t worry about positive change. Esi Atta, don't worry Ghana sweet. Like they say, chop some make I chop some is fair play. Just don't worry, be happy. hmmmmmm Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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