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23.02.2006 Feature Article

The Mis-education of President Kufuor

The Mis-education of President Kufuor
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CANDIDATE Kufuor1999: "I will fight corruption with all my heart" - at a picnic at the Rowntree Park in Toronto Canada 2000: "I will have Zero Tolerance for corruption, if I become president" PRESIDENT Kufuor 2001: My Government is committed to zero tolerance to corruption! 2002: Allegations of corruption in my Government are just rumours. There is no proof!! 2003: Corruption has existed since the time of Adam and Ghana is not the only corrupt country! 2004: There is no corruption in Ghana. It is only a perception in people's heads!!!! 2005: If you find corruption in my Government, bring the evidence to the Castle. 2006: If you find corruption in my Government, send it to the police. 2007 (prediction): If you find corruption in my Government, send it to the WHITE HOUSE EX-PRESIDENT Kufuor 2008(prediction): If you find any evidence of corruption, leave me in peace. I am no longer in charge Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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