Nigerian Minister want perpetrators of incest and rape castrated

Social News Nigerian Minister want perpetrators of incest and rape castrated
NOV 30, 2021 LISTEN

Mrs Dame Pauline K. Tallen, the Nigerian Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, has suggested to Nigeria and other African States to adopt castration as a form of punishment for perpetrators of incest and rape.

She said castration should be inserted into the criminal codes and legally implemented to deter perpetrators.

She made the suggestion at a news conference organised in Abuja,Nigeria to bring the hosting of the UN-Under Secretary General and UNFPA Executive Director, Dr Natalia Kanem to Nigeria as part of the measures to mark the 2021 16-days of activism against gender-based violence, to a closure.

The recommendation was as a result of the rising cases of incest and defilement in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Mrs Tallen said: “It is the worst crime against any child. It is not only the child that is badly traumatized and she will live with it for life, the mother too will remain traumatized for all her life and for that, we are advocating a very stringent punishment for such cases of incest.

“I commend the government of Kaduna State for amending the VAP law to include castration and I am advocating that for any perpetrator that is caught to be castrated.

“If we do one or two, I believe the high burden of incest and rape will drop. That is why we are insisting that all States must domesticate the VAP Act and the Child Rights Act, and not just domesticating it, but ensuring high implementation.”

She also recommended that countries adopted a 'naming and shaming' strategy to reduce crimes of defilement, rape and incest.

Dr. Kanem said young people deserved quality healthcare and had rights over their own bodies, future, and that of their families.

She proposed that the world adopted what the UNFPA called the “three zeros”, where there would be zero need of women for physiological needs, zero maternal mortality in a world where women and girls knew how to protect their future, livelihood, body and mind, and zero Vesicovaginal Fistula.

Dr. Kanem said the UNFPA would interrupt any dangerous situation that affected girls and boys and work hard to see a world where fathers protected their daughters and women joined hands in solidarity and cradle, and where girls and boys were treated equally with importance.


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