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18.06.2003 Feature Article

God to fly Ghana Airways soon

God to fly Ghana Airways soon
LISTEN JUN 18, 2003

The staff of Ghana Airways is said to have now submitted an employment letter though prayers to God to take over the flight operation and mismanagement dilemma of the Airline after the MBA has failed the nation despite all dubious management tricks. They say it is about time for God to down with his Angels to release their managers, ground and Air hostess from collapsing.

Last week the management and staff was said to have held a three-hour prayer session where they sought celestial intervention in the desperate affairs of one of Africa's first national carriers. They sang songs, prayed and cited the scriptures under the direction of a Ghanaian evangelist Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh who flew in from London. Another useless expenditure.

One may perhaps ask, did they tell God in their prayers when Kwame Nkrumah bought that plane?. Did they they tell God about the pain of the poor tax payers and farmers of this country who's sweat Ghana used to purchase this plane had?. Did they tell God what actually happened to the Airline? I hope the Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh actually told them to confess their "Sins" to God and asked for forgiveness and guidance. I hope they told God how much profit they've made since the Airline took off. I hope they told God how much the Airline owes and how it happened. I hope they told God that Ghana Airways needs managers with extraordinary know-how to rescue the Airline from collapsing?. I wish Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh told them to do so. I hope he told them that it was the Angels that can fly the Airline and save it from collapsing.

Rather very unfortunate, our universities and other professional institutions are producing "Third Class" if not forth class managers and as such there is a need to import foreign managers or invite God and his Angels to take over the managerial aspects through prayers. Since this crises, every layman without any managerial knowledge thought that the government appointed MBA will come out with a report leading to the collapse of the Airline and as well providing a comprehensive concept to combat this malpractice's in the system. One thought they will tell the nation whether it is justified for an Airline with five planes at their disposal to encourage such over employment. One thought someone will be assigned to control the millions of dollars going into the pockets of their ground personnel's and other dubious handling agents.

Let the managers tell the nation that they are not capable of handling such an industry. It is one number beyond their knowledge. They should advise parliament and for that matter the people of Ghana to sell the industry to Angels from heaven and save it from collapsing rather than beating about the "Bush". They should realize that their education they acquired in their various universities and other professional institutions are not geared to such sensitive management discipline. They will be better off managing the Makola market with less scientific managerial demand. They should be bold enough to tell the nation why they cannot handle the Airline. They should be bold enough to tell the nation enough is enough and that they are prepared to vacate their positions. What are they expecting from their prayers?

We should not deceive ourselves that prayer without positive action can save Ghana Airways from collapsing and I think that Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, who proclaimed that God's face should shine upon the airline at the corporate head office in Accra last Sunday should have known better in revealing the secret of prayers and its commitments rather than sweet talks.

Our country will continue failing if necessary steps are not taken to tell our so-called spiritual leaders to tell us the truth about our incapability of developing and letting our people know who really God is and what Gods is expecting from each Nation, country and every individual. These leaders are to be told the truth and to put a stop to such meaningless propaganda. I wonder the type of message he presented to the managers and workers that was so spiritual and educating that these managers and workers might have got the message that could have compelled them to wake-up make a new start. I wish this meeting was recorded. We are fed off with such brain washing messages and sweet talks from so-called Spiritual leaders. Let them stand up if they themselves really know the God they are worshiping and tell Ghanaians what to do to prosper and to be creative rather blackmailing them with sweet talks.

Only Prayers cannot save Ghanair. Faith without works is dead, likewise Prayer without understanding and action is a fake prayer. Teach them the ways of God if you really know Him and stop fooling the people. God will Honor your application and come to fly Ghana Airways very soon. May God have mercy on Ghanaians.

PRAYER IS not the panacea to the woes of Ghana Airways, rather the woes of Ghana Air unqualified so-called Managers who have failed the nation. Change your attitudes towards work, rather than expecting miracles from heaven and you will perform miracles yourselves.

Let someone out there ask Evangelist, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, and the newly established management staff if they are expecting God to come and pay the dept of $146 million which we are all aware that part went into the pockets of most managers, workers and some government officials?. Will his recommended prayer pay that dept? What is the government doing about the forensic auditors reports submitted to them? If government has approved the report to be true, what is the government going to do to solve the problem? Will the government also engage its self in prayers and sit down dreaming for a miracle?. It is said that whenever you pray to God seriously he will answer you in spirit. Let us know what God told Ghana Airways managers in their prayers. I hope God told them to continue stealing and telling the nation lies.

Ghana Airways still employs nearly over 1,500 people. It has more drivers than vehicles and more typists than keyboards, more managers than laborers and more directors than managers. Every few months there is a new management and a board chairman, but none of them have managed to keep Ghana Airways from its free fall. These are the so-called professionals in Ghana. What a pity and a shame. How long shall the eyes of our people get opened?.

Now that it has run out of options, Ghana airways hopes to take off on a wing and a prayer.

I wish God had promised them that he will be coming to fly the Airline and take-over the mismanagement burden very soon.

"Father forgive them and have Mercy for they know not what they do".

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