07.12.2002 Feature Article

It's Time To Use Our Brains

It's Time To Use Our Brains
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This article is in response to the one written by Aidoo Prince Junior and what I call his misinformed attempts to tarnish the image of a well performing government based on nothing else but inapplicable biblical quotations and unfounded accusations. Many more writers should base their articles on facts and not gut reactions especially in a democracy as young as Ghana's. It is even more disheartening to hear such vile accusations come out of the mouth of a so-called Christian. First, I think its time that Ghanaians stood up for themselves rather than wait for God to do everything. That attitude of "complete dependence" on God is definitely backward and no different to colonialism. Don't get me wrong, we have the right to be religious but in situations where we are blinded by religion to extent that we judge ministers as satanic and sit down waiting for miracles to be performed is definitely detrimental to the development of the country. I would like to see people criticize the government based on statistical evidence rather than on religious biases. Young people like Aidoo should rely on their intellect and be real Christians i.e. strive to maintain peace rather than instigate pandemonium. His article says nothing but that it is one of a cynical and ignorant person. All the arguments are based on quotations that are not even applicable. We are so reliant on God that we cannot even judge the performance of a government without asserting to God. And that, not "evil-minded" ministers is a pity. What good is a God fearing minister to the country as a whole if his policies do not improve the welfare of the people? His religious disposition should be utterly up to him and should be by no means a factor in assessing his performance. Making such claims I believe is a means to make up for his simplistic assessment of an important issue. How could anyone describe the minister of finance as being dishonest based on the failure of the IFC loan. Things go wrong and the fact that someone does not succeed in achieving an end doesn't make him evil or dishonest. What I find fundamentally wrong with his article is his imposition of Christianity on everyone. We are democratic and therefore have the right to our own religious preferences therefore it is wrong to imply however subtly that Christianity is the right religion as the author clearly implies when he says "I hope you are said to be a Christian". We should be more sensitive and consider other religious affiliations when we make such sweeping and potentially precarious statements like the one above keeping in mind the numerous religious conflicts around. Such people are hypocrites to their religion and have no clue what it is to be Christian. How could anyone accuse the whole government of being "evil", "ignorant" and "dumb dogs" and still claim to be a Christian or educated. Such comments only serve to heighten political tensions and even worse cause conflicts. With things not going too well, a well-meaning Ghanaian should give useful advise and not attempt to break the peace that we have all struggled to achieve. If one has no ideas then they should keep their mouths shut. Yes the IFC loan was a failure but nevertheless a good idea. Shouldn't we be grateful that our politicians had the courage to openly stop pursuing the loan rather than resort to obscure means to please the people? One should also realize that the president is virtually nothing without his ministers and advisers and any insult to these people is indirectly directed at him. Such uninformed utterances can be considered as treason to the state and could be punished. And for such a person to call himself a social democrat is pathetic and insulting to other socialists. Lets begin to use our brains and make positive contributions.

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