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The leakage of the 2021 MMDCEs vetting committee report; a misrepresentation of the wish of the Sissala West people

By Siddique Nankpa 
The leakage of the 2021 MMDCEs vetting committee report; a misrepresentation of the wish of the Sissala West people
LISTEN SEP 18, 2021

I could not help but to shrug my shoulders in utter disbelief when I read the leaked MMDCE's vetting committee report even though it is not officially confirmed. I still cannot get my head around the fact that an official document like that could make its way into the public domain and leadership seems to be feigning ignorance about its credibility when it’s public knowledge that about 70% of its content represent the reality on ground. But how could the guards on this all-important document let loose their guard? This is an indictment on the part of leadership.

In the case of Sissala West, I do not want to sound condescending, however, I am amazed by the committees spiteful, shallow, lack of ingenuity and lack of grasp of the political dynamics in the Sissala West District. It is nothing but a wack and the whole committee's comment is shrouded with disingenuity.

In the said leaked Committee’s report, the committee’s recommendation of Madam Ayisha Imoro Batong Hor and subsequent justification of her to be nominated for the DCE position was conspicuously bias and leaves much to be desired. The committee is said to have stated, “She is a Banker who manages a micro finance across the entire constituency. She comes to the position with a sense of unity. The party is sharply divided along various factions. She will be the unifier who can contribute to building the party. She also has previously contributed to the fortunes of the party. She was part of the 2020 Campaign Team. She is also a government appointee to the assembly”.

In the above excerpt, the committee has it that, madam Ayisha comes with a sense of unity and will be a unifier who can contribute to bringing the divided factions within the party together but they were oblivious of the fact that madam Ayisha belongs to an adamant and intransigent faction within the party who swore by sweat and blood not to support the party after they were toppled out during 2020 NPP parliamentary primaries and true to their words, they succeeded.

Countering the neutrality of madam Ayisah, it is refreshing to note that, she was and still remain a loyal confidant of hon. Patrick Adamah(former Sissala West MP). It is also public knowledge that madam Ayisha’s bid for the position of the DCE is being championed by hon. Patrick Adamah(Former MP) because of his affluence. Madam Ayisah was appointed by the former MP as a government appointee to serve in the assembly so that she could add up to the former MP's votes during the parliamentary primaries which he lost though.

As part of the initiatives instituted by the outgone Sissala West NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Hon. Salifu Naliwie, to unite the party after the parliamentary elections, madam Ayisah and her other counterparts from the former MP's faction were brought on board to serve on the 2020 constituency campaign team. Even though they were given these opportunities to serve, madam Ayisha and her colleagues became dormant and never visited a single community to campaign for the PC and the Party due to their apathy towards party activities. How could someone who contributed to the fortunes of the party not even know the name of the constituency women's organiser when she was asked during her vetting at the Regional vetting on Wa?

Madam Ayisha still remains a loyal crony of the former MP, Hon. Patrick Adamah, whose skirt and blouse campaign caused the loss of the Sissala West seat. Her loyalty, allegiance and alliance to the other faction cannot put her in any better position to unite the party.

The committee also included in their report that “hon. Salifu Naliwie Baluwie, who was the 2020 PC, has a great leadership potential and should be nurtured. Unfortunately, he is connected to one of the factions in the constituency.”

This comment above is a lame one and clearly shows the level of bias of the committee. Hon. Salifu Naliwie should be nurtured again? Gosh!!! For what reason/s? Hon. Naliwie is a man whose political experience is second to none in the constituency and nothing was said about that.

Just to share a few with you;

Hon. Salifu Naliwie was Member of Sissala West NPP Disciplinary Committee from the year 2018 – to Date.

He was a Member of Sissala West Constituency Campaign Team, 2016 New Patriotic party.

He was also a Member of Constituency Parliamentary Elections Committee, June 2015.

He became the Chairman of Constituency Executive Elections Committee for Sissala West, 2013.

He was also a Member, Sissala West Constituency Campaign Team, 2012.

Hon Salifu Naliwie also Contested Sissala West Parliamentary Primaries, June, 2011.

He was Chairman of Council of Patrons from March, 2010 to Date.

He was also a Member of Sissala West Constituency Campaign Team, 2008 New Patriotic party.

He became the District Chief Executive from February, 2008 – February, 2009, Sissala West District Assembly, Gwollu – Ghana . He was a Member of Sissala West Constituency Campaign Team, 2004. Even on his schooling days, he was a member of Tescon, 2002-2006 & 2009 -2011 University of Cape Coast.

If there is gonna be anyone who needs to be nurtured and mentored in Sissala West politics, it should actually be madam Ayisha.

In recent times there have been a persistent onslaught by certain nomadic minds both within the party and outside to discredit the hard earn reputation of Hon. Naliwie but this ploy or ruse won’t stand the test of time. Need we tell them that no vigorous campaign of calumny can wane his enviable records? It is irrefutable hon. Naliwie is a paragon of greatness and whether that triggers their fear and greed, only God knows...

To be continued...

BY Siddique Nankpa


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