The public purse is raped, not protected...

Feature Article The public purse is raped, not protected...
JUL 9, 2021 LISTEN

The salaries and allowances for Presidential spouses approved by Parliament may be well deserved, but too much for a struggling country like Ghana--- I think this will kill the spirit of patriotism in many hard working Ghanaians who gain absolutely nothing directly from the country.

GHS21,000.00 salary and GHS87,000.00 allowance per month is too much money to be given to the first lady just for being the first lady of the country.

What is even more shocking is the fact that these salaries and allowances are backdated from 2017 to June, 2021.

The President should fix the country so that the vulnerable and unemployed poor youths can benefit--- I think that this is more important than paying in arrears huge sums of money to Presidential spouses who lack nothing, least to talk about, is money...

They are well taken care of by the country, so why pay them so much when they are only occupying a ceremonial position? The huge salaries and allowances of their husbands are more than enough, despite being taken care of by the country.

As a writer and a concerned citizen, I think that the salaries and allowances are just too much for little or no work done.

Are they not already being given enough of our money which they do not even account for, in the name of foundations to carry out projects that the government is supposed to undertake?

They may be given some allowances for following their husbands to official functions, but not to pay them hugely as if it is a job they earned..

I'm totally embarrassed by the way things are going in this country. It seems we're moving backwards because many people are suffering and almost nothing is working.

The President should protect the public purse as he promised us in 2016, and not keep raping it as if there's no tomorrow.

By Waterz Yidana


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