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Nana Agradaa offered me bribe to stop criticising her – Kumchacha

Nana Agradaa offered me bribe to stop criticising her – Kumchacha
LISTEN MAY 11, 2021

Popular Christian leader, Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Kumchacha claims Nana Agradaa, the notorious fetish priestess who recently announced she is now a born again Christian with the name Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng attempted to bribe him to stops his public criticisms of her.

Kumchacha, founder and leader of Heaven's Gate Ministry said Nana Agradaa sent the supposed bribe amount through some pastor friends but he rejected it and told them to tell her he is above such behavior.

The man of God made this known on Okay FM's 'Best Entertainment Show' Monday morning.

“For about three months now, she (Agradaa) tried bribing me. She allowed some pastors and guys to bring me money but I refused. Because I always talk about her bad deeds, she tried bribing me not to allow me to speak up again but she's lying. That 2,000 and 5,000 money she sends is nothing to me; I don't value it so I've been ignoring her”, Kumchacha noted.

He went ahead “the last time I even left this your program, I've received series of calls just to shut me up and things not to talkabout her but I won't stop. Agradaa has no powers. It was all 419 she was doing. All the tricks and move they use in defrauding people, I know of all that. It's not any spiritual thing.”

“If she wants me to stop revealing all her dirty duties in the public, she should call me and apologize. If she doesn't, I won't stop today, I will continue talking about all her dirty things in the public.”

This comes after the man of God on the same show last week called on authorities to deal with Agradaa and not to leave her to go scot-free with the narration that she is a repented soul now.

He argued that Agradaa knew all the bad dealings she was into and had a plan to run away from legal matters, reason she purchased a church building about four years ago.

“You cannot steal from thousands of people and later, tell us to forget about it because you've repented. It's not possible. She had some nonsense power in Ghana here due to the way she defrauded people all over, if you're not bold and confident, you can't talk about her matter. You can't just change all of a sudden with an Evangelist name on you. We don't run to JHS just like that from the start of school. We move through Primary one to six then get to JHS.

“Whoever uses bad means to acquire worth and things will never know peace, Agradaa will suffer till the end of her life. She will never know peace, she will suffer. She'll use the money to recover from all manner of illness. She knew what she was doing. She was aware she was defrauding people. God refused church building from David in the bible because he had blood on his arms” he said.

—DGN online

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