Ramadan Read Day Nineteen: The sheer shenanigans

Feature Article Ramadan Read  Day Nineteen: The sheer shenanigans
MAY 1, 2021 LISTEN

You are crying blood again

Hey Sister! You love to cry

Why shouldn’t I be worrisome?

Your late kid brother is resting

The court is on his teen-peers

Those throat slaughtering scums

They’ll soon be brought to book

You need to trust the process

Ouch! You heard the naysayer’s noise?

They called us dumb, female Muslims.

Ah, but for what resonate reasoning?

That, the men led the funeral prayer

And we prayed silently behind them

At the epoch the family needs consolation

Was this their ‘sympathetic’ message?

Then, they killed your brother even more

Now you see why I’m seeing red?

So allow my eyes to rant as please

Some people have sand in their minds

Trivializing a murder of a teen by teens

Maybe feminism is now for talented kids

Say that again, I wonder their agenda

They didn’t even care about your loss

It’s unfortunate for this to happen

In their gratings teen language

They say Muslims are “terrorists”

Yet, in their schools and institutions

they deny Muslims from fasting

They prohibit us from praying

They force us to attend church

They’re yet to “shit” for us to eat

Aren’t they the “amicable oppressors”?

So allow my eyes to rant as please

Sister, please wipe your tears

I’m not a believer, but I love Muslims

I cohabit peacefully with everyone

Let us crave for our similarities

We all need to be religiously tolerant

And stop picking on the “irrelevants”

Is it a must to teach Allah His religion?

By Yours Only,

Abdul Rahman Odoi (@Big Odoi)

Edited by Hafiz Laryea

All rights reserved.©️2021

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