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25.04.2021 Feature Article

Ghanaians to suffer irreparable consequences of the reckless Galamsey activities in Ghana if……

Ghanaians to suffer irreparable consequences of the reckless Galamsey activities in Ghana if……
LISTEN APR 25, 2021

What type of people at all are Ghanaians? Do Ghanaians, right from the government (Executive, Legislature & Judiciary) through to the last ordinary poor and needy person in the street, have the brains to reason as human beings created by God in His own image? I doubt it!

Is it not only a fool that will walk straight into a danger when he sees one coming? Does an Akan proverb not admonish thus, you don’t step into danger when you are aware of it? Why then is it that, if Ghanaians were wise and intelligent, they would continue to allow the ecologically devastating surface and alluvial mining to go on, knowing its dire consequences to human life?

What makes it more annoying and silly of Ghanaians is the fact the uncontrollably galamsey activities are being carried out mostly by foreigners of whom the heartless Chinese nationals are in the lead.

Before I continue to lambast the ensemble of Ghanaians, irrespective of their status in the country, let me narrate to you some of the already manifesting adverse effects of the recklessly ongoing galamsey activities in Ghana on the country and the people. A relative in Leuven, a city in Belgium, has just informed of how and why the importation of some Ghanaian vegetables into Belgium has been banned by the Belgium government. He normally purchases Ghanaian “Yaa Asantewaa” otherwise called “Kwahu Nsusua” and garden eggs (food stuffs) from an African shop operated by a Ghanaian in Leuven. For a while, he could not find any when he visits the shop. When he inquired from the shopkeeper why there is no longer such food items in the shop, he was told, “The Belgium government has banned the importation of Ghana “Yaa Asantewaa” and garden eggs because according to the food inspectors, they have found a high level of concentration of dangerous materials in them that are not good for human consumption. The detected dangerous materials over time can cause sicknesses and death to consumers hence the banning of such food items from Ghana”

The shopkeeper continued to say, “The only “Yaa Asantewaa” and garden eggs currently coming into the country are from Kenya and Uganda but since they don’t come in huge quantities, I am unable to get some to buy. The little that comes, gets sold out before I can lay hands on any”

This really pisses me off. I am highly infuriated that the Ghanaian leadership for all STUPID politics of want of power coupled with the love of acquiring quick wealth, is allowing galamsey activities, whether legal or illegal, to go on in the country. They can check with the authorities in Belgium or the City of Leuven and the Ghanaian African shopkeepers there if what my relative has told me is not true.

Even in Ghana, our water bodies have been damaged. I have observed it myself with my naked eyes how some big rivers have turned into flowing rivers of mud rather than water. Many people keep moaning about the deplorable and dangerous state of the nation’s water bodies, yet the government is totally incapable of doing anything sensible to stop it.

When President Nana Akufo-Addo decides to stop the ongoing ruinous galamsey activities, you have the NDC going behind him promising those in that trade to vote for them and once they come to power, they will allow them unlimited freedom to do their galamsey work. And Ghanaians as silly and irrational as most of us are, threaten to vote out the visionary leader to bring in an incompetent, clueless and corrupt one. Are we that stupid, if I may ask?

The Ghana Water Corporation has been warning the nation about how difficult and costlier it has become to treat water from the spoiled rivers for human consumption yet, the government is incapable of stopping the devastating galamsey activities spearheaded by the merciless Chinese nationals and their colluding irresponsible Ghanaian counterparts.

Water is life. Fertile and arable land for food production is life. Air is life. Do Ghanaians understand and know that? If yes, why are we allowing the Chinese and their irresponsible Ghanaian counterparts to spoil them for us? Do we not realise that once these natural entities are spoiled by the reckless human activities, Ghanaians will have dug their mass graves? No wonder that Ghanaians are dying in their huge numbers every month.

The chemicals, e. g. mercury, used for the galamsey as are washed into the water bodies and seeped into the soil contaminate the plant nutrients. Their absorption by the crops and plants coupled with the overuse of weedicides and pesticides by the farmers, have culminated in the contamination of Ghanaian foodstuffs as is reported and banned in Belgium. Is it not serious for us as a nation and people? Our ability to export raw food materials is being curtailed. The local consumption of such contaminated foods will cause cancer and all sorts of diseases to the people.

When the Ghanaian politician is sick, they seek treatment abroad. When the Ghanaian politician is pregnant or his wife is pregnant, they travel to the USA or Europe to give birth. They want their children to become citizens of such nations by way of birth. While they are guaranteeing the future prospects of their children and grandchildren, they are leaving the poor masses to their agonising fate exacerbated by harsh poverty and utter denigration.

We should stop the illegal or legal galamsey now. We should not allow politicians to sit down doing nothing while the Chinese and their Ghanaian cohorts are killing us softly. The youths of Ghana will be pushed to act if our politicians for all stupid reasons fail to honour their promises to guarantee our safety and protection at all time.

May I salute the paramount chief of Asante Juaben, Nana Otuo Serebour II. He is reported to have said he will never allow any galamsey activities on his soil and truly, none of the nonsensical galamsey activities is taking place in his Asante Juaben soil. Should anyone dare commence any galamsey activity on my forefathers’ Asiampa soil in Juaben, they will run and leave their sandals behind as warned Ghana chiefs by then President Kwame Nkrumah. As long as I live, I will support Nana Otuo Serebour II to prevent galamsey from taking place on the Juaben soil.

To be continued.

Rockson Adofo

Sunday, 25 April 2021

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