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25.02.2021 Feature Article

A Plea To Foreign Diplomats Advocating LBGTQI Rights In Ghana

A Plea To Foreign Diplomats Advocating LBGTQI Rights In Ghana
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Since the subject has now become such a controversial issue, what are some of the possible ways, which the representatives of foreign powers in Ghana, who are now focused on the issue of LBGTQI rights, in our country, might show their concern, and love, for Ghana's LBGTQI demographic?

Perhaps they would be wise, to consider recommending to their governments, the signing of a human rights treaty, with Ghana, granting our country's LBGTQIs, an automatic right, to be granted permanent residence visas, in their home countries. Simple.

A key clause in the proposed treaty must be an irrevocable commitment, on their part, to pay for the full relocation costs, of Ghana's LBGTQIs, to nations in the EU, Australia, ditto the UK, the U.S., etc., etc. Cool.

Finally, the question that concerned foreign diplomats, accredited to Ghana, who are so in love with, and concerned, for, Ghana's LBGTQIs, ought to ponder over is: Will such a treaty not be a wise move, to enable them neatly sidestep, the thorny issue of 21st-century cultural imperialism - in a nation in which marriage, and extended-family-clan traditional values, still apparently, matter? That is my humble plea to them as a humane Ghanaian human rights advocate. Simple. It is wise to be wise in this particular matter, oooo. Yoooooooo...