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22.02.2021 Feature Article

Spirit of solidarity: key for any successful nation

Spirit of solidarity: key for any successful nation
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No human being is without sin, no nation is perfect or even successful at all times. To lift a nation from zero to hero the needed parameters must be analysed, stated and implemented.

Africans are haunted by the widespread spirit of "pulling down" successful people. When someone gifted in the family rises academically or/and financially jealousy in the family arises to bring the person down. This is not a common spirit of the white man brought to infect the minds of any African, this is embedded in the original African mind across the continent. Corruption and caring for family and friends only is the outfall of that spirit.

The USA founded by European settlers having escaped religious and economic oppression crossed the vast land of their new territory while killing native Indians to take their land into their hands, hunting down Buffalos close to extinction and using African slaves to boost their economy. The Declaration of Independence states each citizen has the right to strive for his luck, even by the wording demanding it. This was the basis of the gun law, the belief Government should stay out of personal affairs as much as possible especially the administration in Washington, D.C. Around 40 Mio. Americans have no health care, social benefits are limited which covid19 portrays daily with people queuing outside foot banks. The spirit of Free Entrepreneurship has made it possible for many talented but financially limited people to achieve riches in the shortest possible time. Americans stand united when their country is under attack or sees the need to intervene in isolated hotspots around the globe. The spirit of solidarity crashes against the mandate of the Declaration of Independence and fails most of its citizens. A political and economic strong and powerful country must be seen under the umbrella of success or failure inclusive of internal and external factors.

Switzerland a small mountainous country with little space for farming and no natural resources is a stable democracy and economically strong nation even for Germans hard to get a residence permit for. Switzerland entirely depends on the minds and attitudes of its people part of which is the spirit of solidarity.

Singapore, a tiny island with no natural resources coming out of the outfall of colonisation, internal corruption, high unemployment, analphabetism and crime rate in rapid time due to a forceful visionary founding father who created the spirit of solidarity by force embraced by the people that could see the benefit of the need to change mindsets.

Sweden is a country with the highest income tax among European nations. The country believes citizens can only benefit from a high standard of living and an excellent social system when the state takes control of the process and institutions. For that, each individual has to stand in solidarity with another by contributing a large percentage of the Individual income. A long-standing practise that benefits people will always be supported in its fundamentals.