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19.01.2021 Opinion

2020 Samampiid, A Viewpoint Of An Indigene.

By Savannah Prince Awinzor
2020 Samampiid, A Viewpoint Of An Indigene.
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Samampiid arguably is the biggest event that has the high tendency of Uniting all Kusasis Around the Globe and bringing our well-wishers to our doors. It is apparently the biggest event that provides the stage to sell Kusaug and its heritage to the Mundo.

It tells the multi-layered narrative of the tribe Kusasi. It can also be the tool for the youth of Kusaug to annually meet and discuss the development issues which conspicuously are absent. It also provides the podium for us to hold duty bearers responsible. Grandiosely, it is an event where we can proudly put on our vests of the various breathtaking cultures we have as a people.

However, my recent observations of the event revealed to me that we have reduced it to an extravaganza of smock pageantry and tooting and honking of motorcycles with little attention to core values that should have shaped the event. Notwithstanding, I did enjoy every bit of it and I and Ing Nakeem-Nab were part of the tooting and honking.

In 2020, we didn't have the crowd and dignitaries gracing the occasion as 2019. Clearly, the Covid 19 and post elections topsy-turvy could partly be blamed for that. That is not to say it was a flop. It was well attended with a touch of pride and chest beatings.

However, the planning committee could have done better by identifying cogent issues that were worth given prominent attention. I am not condemning them, never. They did exceedingly well but there is always a room for improvement.

My observations.

1. The youth are proud of the event and always want to showcase their pride on the floor but no room.

2. We have reduced the Durbar ground to a begging calabash which I observed a lot of our own people were complaining under the canopies.

3. The Principal of Gbewaa College of Education, who was supposed to present to us the barriers barricading the Kusaal language from being studied in our colleges, nearly left when his time was devoted to launching the magazine.

4. This year, the Tindana was forgotten and prominence is rather given to Muslim and Christian leaders. Well, it didn't mar the occasion but scarred it.


1. I don't know how the planning committee is constituted but it should include our youth, Greater Accra, Ashanti, Western, etc. Kusasis reps, A rep of the Diaspora.

2. The planning committee ought to make it a duty to always fish out Kusasis who are doing well in and outside Ghana to assign them a task.

3. There should be a pre- Samampiid for the youth to learn the core values of the festival before the grand Durbar. This will provide business opportunities for local business owners and smock weavers.

4. Certain events such as the launch of the magazine should be done in a form of a dinner. I don't think our great sons and daughters will reject an invitation from Zugurana to a Samampiid dinner to raise funds for his Endowment Fund.

6. There should be more cultural displays from our sub paramountcies on the Durbar grounds.

5. The Stage is big but the few performances are always crammed in front of the few invited guests which usually makes people troupe there making things messily disorganized.

8. The festival should recognise personalities who fought the apartheid and liberated our people. Personalities like Jonh Nde, Sule Agolisi, Sir Abangos, etc. should be celebrated using the Samampiid platform.

These among several others can make our event the best of the world.

7. We should use the occasion to get a befitting palace for our King. In fact, if we organise Samampiid well it will become one of the tourist Festivals in Ghana and beyond.

8. We should get a befitting museum to guard our heritage at the King's palace.

Samampiid is the biggest platform that we can use to gain global recognition, so we ought to see it as such.

Well, these are merely my opinions and do not in any way downgrade the organisers or the event as a whole. I just want to be continuously proud of my own, so I pray for its transformation. I can't wait for December. Next will be Miss Samampiid.

Yours truly,

Savannah Prince Awinzor

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