Appoint Ayikoi Otoo as Speaker of the 8th Parliament

Feature Article Nii Ayikoi Otoo
DEC 17, 2020 LISTEN
Nii Ayikoi Otoo

Your Excellency Nii Ayikoi Otoo,

It is my privilege to recommend you, as an excellent lawyer, Ghana’s Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, a former lead counsel at Otoo and Associates and current Ghana’s High Commissioner to Canada, for a position as Speaker for the 8th Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

You have served your country both internally and externally with distinction. It is yet again, time for you to contribute by spearheading the Parliamentary Chamber of Ghana’s legislature. It is my conviction that you would again set phenomenal precedents that would guide us for centuries. Continue to be an epitome of legal uprightness, continue to walk on the shadows of professionalism to building a Ghana that has a heart and opportunities for all. 

I do know for a fact, and which many Ghanaians are aware that you’re a high-powered lawyer with a unique silver-tongued which is uncommon to lawyers. At your law firm, Otoo and Associates, you distinguished yourself and the entity as one of the most sort-after legal firms. Your tactics and demeanour during cross-examination in the courts are exceptional. For your wittiness to winning cases, is par excellence.

Having an experienced attorney like you puts confidence and credibility on the administrative conduct of the legislature. To some who fought with you in the court room would describe you as nothing but a pure erudite and painstaking lawyer who wants nothing but the best for his clients. For those who view you from afar and on the television, they say you are jokingly brittle and persuasively arrogant in the court room. For me, you are civil and cautious in whatever you do.

I still remember our unending chats at your chambers at Otto and Associates somewhere in 2013. I was amazed, even at that time when I was seated in your office right from the morning till evening. I saw how you interact with clients and the expression of hope of clients. I remember how you managed handling clients whiles having conversation with me. It was and has always been an interesting relationship with us and I would propose that you are made the Speaker of the 8th Parliament. During that encounter within your chambers, it made me to recognise how some lawyers stay late and working out dockets for clients. It was an interesting experience when I left your chambers around 7pm. I believe that you will put Ghana beyond the shores of where we are in the spirit of professionalism, integrity and being true to the tenets of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

Counsel, you have protected the interests of many families in the court room. Your negotiating skills and advice are impeccable. Your kindness and professionalism is a guiding light for your clients. You make clients feel at home during their ordeal, you make clients feel like their cases are at the top of your priority lists— and you make them finally go home with smiles at the end of every judgement. Based on that score, you can again translate same into our legislative chamber.

You have a strong eye for detail. You remain calm in and out of the courtroom, which is appreciated by most clients. You have won a large majority of your cases, mainly because you are extremely thorough in your due diligence and outshines the prosecution. 

It is worthy of knowing that Ayikoi Otoo has the spectacles of that of Joe Jamail who is nicknamed the “King of Torts”. He has the hat of Thurgood Marshall, the eloquence of Cicero, the legal tactics and bullying of Johnny Cochrane; the uprightness of John Adams and exhibiting the sterling feminine stamina of Mary Jo White. The uniqueness of you from all quarters would help Ghana in various facets of lives.

I am pleased to recommend you to the President-elect and to the good people of Ghana to appoint you as Speaker of Parliament. I believe your work would, not only meet, but exceed the expectations of Ghanaians should you be appointed.

I have the honour to be Your Excellency’s servant in good faith for the progress and development of mother Ghana.

Yours sincerely,
Abdul-Razak Lukman 

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia
Frema Opare

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