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03.12.2020 Editorial

Editorial: This too shall pass

Editorial: This too shall pass
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Ghanaians are not known for election violence on a wide scale. What the country has witnessed during past polling activities were isolated security breaches by miscreants and hoodlums working for disgruntled politicians. These were however stopped as quickly as they erupted.

Unfortunately however, there is a certain attempt by some persons to create an unnecessary tension through various statements alluding to looming security breaches before, during especially elections and the moments after it.

There were some persons who even did not want the elections to take place and really worked towards that unrealistic objective. They did same for the compilation of a new voters' register, the results being a zero anyway.

We can do better at this time by rather educating the people about the dos and don'ts on Election Day, rather than showing pictures of war in Sierra Leone and Liberia and elsewhere.

The fear-mongering agenda is a hogwash only feeding into the project of some bad politicians.

We must have confidence in our law enforcement establishment to deal with the hooligans who might have laced their boots as we go to the polls.

Those who have been paid to do the overt and covert operations should remember that this is a country which God spared the wicked hands of COVID-19 and so no amount of overt and covert manouvres will derail the democratic process in this beautiful country.

God so loved this country that He appointed for its leaders the like of President Akufo-Addo who would continue to be spared the ploys of his opponents.

Elections are not wars but the simple process of dropping ballots to choose those we want to hand over the mantle of leadership to.

With an Electoral Commission (EC) exhibiting an unparalleled efficiency, there can be no doubt about its delivery. There is really no cause for alarm.

Someone remarked elsewhere in the world about how election was fun. We wish to associate ourselves with this, especially if that will create the 'feel good' spirit in us, rather than the fear and panic ambience some people love to draw.

Of course there could be isolated cases of some party zealots seeking to over-control affairs at polling centres thereby threatening the orderly running of affairs at these locations; hot air which could not constitute worrying headlines.

Even under bad electoral management we did not go to war, let alone what is prevailing today.

Ghana shall come out of this unscathed, and much to the disappointment of those who will rather the country is thrown into turmoil. Such irresponsibility and 'do-or-perish' spirit should not be countenanced in this country.

This too shall pass and soonest.

---Daily Guide

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