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Should Tsikata Remain in the Council of State?

By Pioneer
Should Tsikata Remain in the Council of State?
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The above question is being posed by William Ochem, a features writer in the Pioneer.

According to his feature in the 10 July 1995 issue of the paper, to say Captain Kojo Tsikata is very controversial is an understatement. Today, he is blowing hot and cold by supporting Vice-President Arkaah against President Rawlings while remaining a staunch adviser to the President.

His Jekyll & Hyde existence in the Council of State is therefore politically dangerous and should be checked, claimed the article.

Captain Kojo Tsikata first came to the limelight during the Third Republic under Dr Hilla Limann in 1979-1981. For a period of time the Limann govt suspected Tsikata of subversive activities and so he was placed under intense surveillance. He was trailed wherever he went, much to his embarrassment.

Captain Tsikata sued the govt in the Supreme Court seeking a declaration that the govt's surveillance on him was against his fundamental human right of freedom of movement, was unconstitutional and therefore should be halted.

The Supreme Court ruled in Captain Tsikata's favour and the surveillance seized. Soon after the Court decision, the govt of Limman was toppled by a military coup led by Flt Lt Rawlings who immediately appointed Captain Tsikata as Special Adviser to the new military Regime - PNDC.

Therefore whether it was indeed true that Captain Tsikata was subverting Limann's govt is a anyone's guess, writes William Ochem.

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