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Speed isn’t always advantageous

Speed isnt always advantageous
02.10.2006 LISTEN

Anyone ever plight your troth? What of cheaply given promises? Well listen to this: Happiness is dependent more on our inner than our outer conditions. It isn't what we have, who we are or what we are doing that makes us happy or unhappy. It is what we think.
Ever heard the saying, speed isn't always advantageous? Well the snail was on board with the cheaters.

Take a breather.

The truth is, all in our lives, some people are naturally talented than others. Some are educationally privileged than others but we all have the potential to be successful in one thing or more and be great in it.

Greatness comes with the recognition of our potentialities, and our potentialities are limited by how we make choices, how we exercise our freedom and how resolute we are. In short, our greatness is largely dependant on our attitudes. And we are all free to choose our individual attitudes. Of course I don't expect everyone to like reading my pieces, for it is as the saying goes, One man's trash is another man's treasure or better yet, one man's meat is another mans poison and that ain't no joke at all.

On another token, it certainly isn't too late to make choices. I can't agree more with Barbara Sheer (Wishcrotft) when she said in your second life at any Age, “It's only too late if you don't Start Now!” Whatever your age, it is time to STOP waiting and start creating a life you can truly love.
Earlier in my childhood, my peers gave me a nickname, “VC10.” That was simply because no one could run faster than I on the football field when it came to running after the ball. In as much as this attitude came naturally, I had to work vehemently on it without let up. For this reason, I was able to score more goals than anyone on the football field wherever I played.

That irrespective, we were all created equally to some extent. As proof, for every 24 hours, our heart beats 103,680 times. We inhale 438 cubic feet of air and digest 3lbs of food within that same hour. We generate 450 tons of energy, use 750 muscles and our blood circulates round our body every 32 seconds while the head uses 7 million brain cells to function. - Francis Gail.
Regardless of this equality among humans, some people are faster than others. So what is in Speed? Nothing more than the lack of it,…if you get what I mean. In most cases, the need to slow down becomes eminent in our day-to-day activities but who is it to put on the brakes? We learn a lot about speed here in life.

Our life as humans is one that prepares us ever faster than something close to brake-neck speed. We need time to think, time to remember, time to reach the infinite and time to be where we want to be but we no longer have time to be where we want to be, and that ain't no joke at all. We rush madly around, trying to find a few more minutes than the day is designed to give. When you are on the highway, do you ever wonder where all those people who pass by you in the fast lane are going? How about those rushing to pass you by on the regular inner city streets? Don't they have to stop when the traffic light facing them turns red? Even as they pass you by in the fast lane, you will most certainly pass them by at the traffic lights. The reason being that before they get to the lights, another fast moving vehicle is stalled ahead right in front and while the flow is determined by the lights, they both are compelled to slow down,…if you know what I mean.

Someday we of the generation to come may have to possess such rapidly moving minds as to produce the same time the highest form of efficiency is. But need we be mindful that the faster we live here, the slower we attain mortality? This I tell you ain't no joke at all. Speed kills so to speak. Anyhow that's what I think and that ain't a joke at all. Speed gives us little time to contemplate. So what's the point in it all? We must walk and operate in balance. One foot in the spirit and another in the physical. If we follow this literally, a foot in the spirit would slow us down and we will have ample time to contemplate.
So we learn two things today that ain't no joke, not a plight of a troth, nor a promise cheaply given. It is about time for us to STOP waiting and starts a new life, beneficial to us both in the spirit and in the physical. Speed isn't always advantageous. The snail was on board with the cheaters. It is about time to start something new that will benefit all others and us. And while we are at it, we must slow down in our operations: one foot in the spirit and the other in the physical, for the faster we live here, the slower we attain mortality and that I tell you ain't no joke at all.
See you latter.

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