19.10.2006 Feature Article

PaaWillien Quarter pound psycho

PaaWillien Quarter pound psycho
19.10.2006 LISTEN

There is something extraordinary about the repeatedly… frames of nature; the assurance that dawn comes after night, preceding daylight in our 24 crowded hours of each day rotating and revolving the earth on its axis and on its orbit, respectively.

This continuous rotation and revolution giving birth to days, weeks, months and the formation of seasons and years gives us the adaptive quality of the mind to categorize objects by carving the environment into meaningful categories that ain't no joke at all.
Over the years, I've learnt that to everything there is a season and at any given moment, some people are brimming with joy while others are drowning with sorrow. This notion too ain't no joke and yet helpful in determining why people hate or love the way they do.
The nifty thing about nature is that you don't need special glasses to see how excellent God's loving kindness is; just a little patience. Possibly the most extreme example of God's loving kindness is the provision of the precious air we breath.

To create humans in the image and likeness of God, simply leads up to the fact that we should all exercise loving kindness towards one another. But have you ever measured the amount of love instilled in you for others? Better yet, have you ever wondered about the number of people that love you? And what of those that hate you? Of course you may be tempted into thinking that “oh, everyone loves me. After all I did not offend anyone how could anyone hate me?” Oh buoy…, who said you have to offend anyone before they begin to hate you? Well this “PaaWillen theory of Quarter pound psychoanalysis” will provide one very special means to find out how many do hate you and why people hate for no apparent reason.

To come to the conclusion of this psychoanalysis hereinafter named, the theory of PaaWillien Quarter pound psycho; I found myself at life's crossroad in anger and bitterness vowing never to talk to those that tell lies about other people after a host of experiments conducted for the purpose. Originally, the thought was, I played hostile to no one so they must all love me. “Well, that was wrong. Even those that got a big chunk of your time, I mean those that we spent ample time assisting them achieve what they own now, they are the ones that fall into the category of the set of the enemies. Well, the same is true for you; considering the notion of human's abnormality and the consequent fixation of offences towards one another because of human nature…, you will be able to determine why it is unwholesome to hate and not to love.

The theory again proofs that how we act and treat others are not rock solid and unchanging- they can be changed in the face of demanding environment- that too ain't no joke at all.
Some unconscious forces, evolutionary dispositions and biological drives tend to control our actions, as well as some external stimuli that are not under willful control. Each of us is constantly adjusting our actions often in a flexible and strategic way, to meet the needs of new conditions as they arise. Each of us is bound to carry with us, some kind of psychological kit of tools that have evolved over millions of years, sharpened and refined by our personal learning experiences that can not be taken for granted.
In conclusion, let's focus our attention on the two kinds of people on earth: the good, and the bad. Then let us imagine that 50% of all the good ones love you. The resultant prediction is that, the other 50% do hate you, just as 50% of the other 50 that hate you do not necessarily hate you- in fact they do love you. Then out of the 50 that like you, 50% of those too, do so on pretence; same as those that hate you. Wherefore, 50% of the 50 is
only 25 and 25 is a quarter of one hundred.


Love Hate
50 50

Love Hate Hate Love
25 25 25 25

Here is where I got the quarter pound thinking one hundred is likened to one pound of anything. In effect there are two main pretence groups. Those two groups add up to 50 in total but don't count. Hence, the theory of PaaWillien quarter pound- psychoanalysis in determination of your loved ones as against those that hate you ain't no joke at all.

But how, you may ask, why do people hate? Well the answer is so simple.
Executing one's workload proficiently will naturally lead some people to envy, while those that are affected by it will equally nurture the art of hatred for you. And that is human nature! On the flip side, there are others who will love you even for the wrong things you do. And that is equally possible. But it is important to note that love and hate are two major human adaptive behaviours that prepare us for action and at the same time keep us on guard for danger. Normally, love begets love but unfortunately, and to quote Dickens, “humans are the best of animals and the worst of animals”. This idealism simply ain't no joke at all since as Shakespeare puts it, there is no art to find the mind's construction in the face and too, since anything is possible we need to play safe applying the theory of Willie's psychoanalysis, giving the benefit of the doubt. Again to paraphrase Bob Marley, it ain't no joke thinking “your worst enemy could be your best friend” and vice versa.

The event of September 2001, 11 dramatically illustrate the spectrum of human behaviour. Some individuals sought to unleash terror by killing thousands of people. Others too, courageously struggled to save lives and to provide shelter, and support for those in need- some of who lost their lives in so doing.

In conclusion, the human animal is capable of an enormous range of behaviours that can be good or bad that ain't no joke at all. It is therefore important to be on guard for even those presumed lovable to you, may not necessarily be: like it or not, you have only 25% on either side of the road of life to contemplate love and hate. See you next time.