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Why Ghana's Military High Command Must Now Act Swiftly To Protect The Reputation Of The Ghana Armed Forces

Why Ghana's Military High Command Must Now Act Swiftly To Protect The Reputation Of The Ghana Armed Forces
LISTEN AUG 26, 2020

It would be a terrible tragedy, were ordinary Ghanaians to lose their respect, for the Ghana Armed Forces - one of the few trustworthy state institutions, left in the corruption-riddled Kafkaesque-world, of Ghanaian officialdom, which still remains a world-class entity.

In light of recent events, in which soldiers have been attacked and brutalised by civilians, in a number of countryside-trouble-spots, those who now constitute the Military High Command, need to understand clearly that they all risk being condemned by Posterity. Yoooooo...

Why, Kofi Thompson, do you say so, one hears some of one's dear readers, ask?

The answer is simple: Posterity (which can neither be intimidated, nor bought off, to remain silent, incidentally), might condemn them, for not acting in time, to stop the egregious-actions, and abominable-inactions, of irresponsible and power-drunk meddlesome-politicians - which all have a direct bearing on the erosion of public trust in our military.

It is for that reason that today, I am republishing an article, which I wrote and posted online, on 05/08/2020, entitled: 'A Quick Note To Ghana's Military High Command - Who Are Servants and Protectors Of All Ghanaians'

Please read on:
A Quick Note To Ghana's Military High Command - Who Are Servants and Protectors Of All Ghanaians

By Kofi Thompson
I salute you. As a patriotic Ghanaian who loves his country passionately, one feels that it is important that the Ghana Armed Forces' High Command, are sent a heartfelt message, such as this one, in clear and unambiguous terms, so that there is no misunderstanding, amongst you, as to who and who, amongst Ghana's hard-of-hearing ruling-élites, will bear ultimate responsibility, should widespread violence break out across Ghana, during the December presidential and parliamentary elections.

What the world has been seeing, in shocking television news reports, and smartphone-videos, gone viral, showing disturbing scenes of 'soldiers' deployed in voter registration centres, have definitely dented the hard-won global reputation, of the Ghana Armed Forces - a professional military force known globally as a disciplined, well-trained and well-equipped military force, which plays a crucial role, in sensitive United Nations peacekeeping operations, in some of the world's hottest trouble spots. No question.

With the greatest respect, gentlemen, it is in your own self-interest, as individual professional soldiers, that you are clear in your minds, that there are patriotic and discerning Ghanaians, who love Mother Ghana, so passionately that they are determined, if need be, to take all those powerful politicians, who are behind the abomination now going on, in many voters' registration centres, nationwide (in which Ghanaian 'soldiers' are clearly seen working in tandem with the ruling party's local executives, to prevent some individuals from being registered, despite the fact that the electoral laws make provision for challenging the registration of such people), to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Yoooooo...

The question is: How come that such a disturbing situation, is still being tolerated, by your good selves - when our country is definitely not a banana republic, I ask?

Gentlemen, more than most Ghanaians, it is you who ought to know, perfectly well, that the profession of arms is a noble one. Does it not follow, a priori, then, that you must not be seen to be condoning what concerned and fair-minded-critics, insist, is the execution of a secret Bryan Acheampong (who, for all we know, might be, or might not be, a covert CIA agent), and Bernard Antwi-Boasiako, inspired-conspiratory-agenda, which in effect, prostitutes the honour of our armed forces? So, how come that is apparently being allowed, by the High Command of the Ghana Armed Forces, gentlemen?

The subsequent question then is: As truly disciplined professionals (paid relatively well, by hapless and impoverished taxpayers, to protect all Ghanaians, and defend their sovereign, stable, and very peaceful African country, from internal-fifth-columnists, and external terrorist-aggressors), why, are you not putting your collective-booted-foots, down, to halt that unpardonable, abominable and unspeakable outrage, from continuing? Yoooooo...

Do you not understand that it is your patriotic duty, to demand an immediate end, to the crime-against-humanity, which (if bush-telegraph sources are to be believed), the treasonable-conspiracy, and electoral-scorched-earth-strategy that is today emboldening, and empowering, myrmidon-thugs, from the NPP's privately-owned paramilitary forces, the Delta Force, and the Invincible forces (who have apparently been infiltrated into tbe national security apparatus - imagine that monstrosity being tolerated in what is a constitutional democracy. Haaba.), to wear military uniforms, with total impunity; ditto police uniforms, and are thus giving the world the wrong impression that somehow our military and police, are being used, as willing-lackeys, by NPP local party executives? Amazing.

With the greatest respect, gentlemen, speaking frankly, the enablers of those brutish-morons, will unquestionably all end up appearing before the ICC, should they instigate widespread violence, across Ghana, during the December 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections, too, oooo. Yoooooo...

Repeat: Those of us who love Mother Ghana passionately, will, as sure as day follows night, drag every power-drunk-dullard, in the upper echelons of the NPP, involved in this treasonable-and-monstrous-conspiracy, to the ICC, if this outrage is repeated in the December presidential and parliamentary elections, and tips our country over the precipice, and leads to her descent into nation-wrecking-chaos and violonce. Full stop. Yooooo...

That is why, it is your collective-duty, as the ultimate guardians of our sovereignty at any given point in time, that as the High Command, overseeing the service commanders of our three armed services, you stop them from continuing to execute their unpardonable, and treasonable, secret agenda - which poses such a threat to the peace and stability of our united homeland Ghana. Yoooooo...

Above all, remember constantly, that, in the final analysis, in our system, sovereignty actually lies in the hands of the masses of the Ghanaian people - whom those who govern our nation, at all material times, are elected to serve - not to terrrorise, and lord it over, koraaaaa, oooo. Yooooo. Consequently, act now, as the Ghana Armed Forces' High Command, overseeing the work of the service commanders of our three armed services, to stop the NPP's supporters arrogant and power-drunk hardliners, from continuing to execute their unpardonable, and treasonable, secret agenda - which poses such a threat to the peace and stability of our united homeland Ghana.

Gentlemen, you must never forget that ours is a modern African nation, in which no tribe is superior, or inferior, to another. As you very well know, there is not a single extended family clan in our country, which is not ethnically-diverse: as a result of marriage, and ties of consanguinity.

Finally, is that blessing, not the main reason, why ours continues to remain a stable and united country, which attracts investors from around the world: precisely because it is seen, justly, as an oasis of peace, and stability, in Africa, I ask? Gentlemen, it is said that to be forewarned, is to be forearmed. It is also said that those who dare, also eventually win battles. Enough is enough. You must act to stop the intolerable egregious-nonsense going on, across the Republic of Ghana. Now. Not, tomorrow. Case closed. Hmmmm... Yoooooo...

Yours in the service of Mother Ghana.

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