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26.08.2020 Rejoinder

A Response To The Mischievous Press Release From The Sissala East NDC Communications Directorate On The Infrastructure Delivery Tracker Of The NPP

A Response To The Mischievous Press Release From The Sissala East NDC Communications Directorate On The Infrastructure Delivery Tracker Of The NPP
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We have read into the letter and spirit of the press statement released by the NDC communications directorate in the Sissala East in response to the infrastructure tracker addressed by his Excellency, the Vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia. This the NDC did with a press release dated the 25th of August, 2020 against the infrastructure delivery tracker of the Akufo-Addo government launched by the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, at a town hall meeting on 18th August, 2020. The NDC was particularly about projects in the Sissala East Municipality. We have critically examined their object, purpose and goal, but found no positive in their incompetent and panic reaction.

The NDC without doing any diligent work has decided to resort to their usual lies and falsehoods by claiming that, "the data on the tracker revealed several inaccuracies in relation to Agriculture, Education, Health, Roads as well as Water and Sanitation."

We will rectify the NDC errors for the good people of Ghana especially those in the Sissala East constituency and for every meaningful Ghanaian to know how deceitful and lying the NDC can be.

Firstly, on the issue of AGRICULTURE INFRASTRUCTURE, the NDC claimed that, "Under the 1V1D promised by the NPP, Ghanaians for that matter the good people of Sisslala East were told ten (10) dams would be constructed in the Municipality every year but four years into the Nana Addo/Bawumia led NPP government, only ten (10) dams can be talked of. And out of these, nine (9) have been captured by the delivery tracker as either completed or ongoing in Sissala East Municipal." This claim of the NDC is one of the biggest falsehoods of the 21st century. Nowhere did the NPP ever promise the people of the Sissala East of digging 10 dams per year. The NDC and its communications directorate in the Sissala East constituency should kindly help us with evidence to substantiate this their palpable and concocted falsehood. We are however happy that despite the numerous lies of the NDC, they've at least admitted that the NPP has dug the 9 dams out of the 10 dams they promised the people of the Sissala East constituency with some completed and some ongoing.

It is also hypocritical and very unfortunate for the NDC and its cohorts to blatantly deny knowledge of an ongoing construction of a Warehouse under the government's 1D1W initiative when in actual fact the project can be found adjacent JUSBRO filling station in Tumu. The construction work is currently ongoing and the contractor is even still on site. Excavation is done already, the offices are finished etc.

On EDUCATION INFRASTRUCTURE, the NDC claimed that "The claim on the government delivery tracker that a 6-unit dormitory block for Tumu Senior High Technical School was completed is inaccurate. A project which is about 60% complete cannot be tracked as completed." This is not surprising because it is only an NDC government that could not boast of any good infrastructure record in the Sissala East constituency that will say so. Who gave the NDC the percentage of work done on the dormitory block? Is it the contractor of the project or the always lying and Mr. Know All Sammy Gyamfi? It is refreshing to know that the said 60% complete facility is currently in use and was also used by the Gold Track students until their vacation. What then can explain this disgraceful lie since the communications director of the NDC is teaching in the Tumu Senior High Technical School? It is obvious that he does not go to school regularly and hence, his total ignorance.

Still on education, the NDC stated that the "claim by the government delivery tracker that a 6-unit classroom block was constructed at Kulfuo is false as the project was constructed by an NGO (ACTION AID GH)". This claim by the NDC is laughable. The NDC always boast of infrastructure put in place by JICA under their administration as their projects. In fact, their flagbearer, the self-declared dead goat, His Excellency the incompetent John Mahama, is running around boasting with world bank constructed senior High schools as his handiwork and achievements.

The NDC is, in fact, embarrassing itself too much. We in NPP are humble enough to admit that the 6-unit classroom block in Kulfuo is a project initiated by Action Aid Ghana but with the support and guidance of the NPP government. It is worth noting that the Sissala East Municipal Assembly under the able leadership of MCE, Honourable Karim Nanyua, is currently extending electricity to the said school adding to his previous unblemished commitments to the said school. On the same measure, the NPP will like to plead with the NDC to stop using the NGO, Virtue Foundation's projects to campaign for John Mahama and their parliamentary candidate, Issah Mohammed Bataglia. They should show us their 8 years infrastructure development if any and stop hiding under NGO projects. They can equally advice our other brothers in the PNC to also stop using Save-Ghana projects to campaign.

On HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE, the NDC before leaving power in 2016 left a lot of unpaid health projects like the Kusinjan CHPS coumpond in Tumu and all the Social Investment Fund(SIF) projects in the Sissala East Municipality. Not even a penny did the NDC pay for any SIF project be it the Challu clinic, the Tumu Midwifery Teachers Quarters or the Kassana Maternity Ward. It took the able-leadership and commitment of the MCE, Honourable Karim Nanyua, to mobilise funds for the payment of contractors to execute those projects and as a result, the Municipality was compensated with a 6-unit classroom block in Gwosi Upper. Though the SIF did fulfilled its part of the bargain, the NDC government was very reluctant and unwilling to fulfil its part and left the projects hanged in the air with the Sissala East people suffering.

On ROADS INFRASTRUCTURE, we thought the NDC would have for once admitted that the NPP in 3 years did far better than their entire eight years. For the 8 years of the NDC, not even in a single day did they reshape or did spot improvement for the major road from Bugubelle to Challu. It took only the intervention of the Deputy Upper West Regional Minister who doubles as the NPP parliamentary candidate to do reshaping on that road with his own resources whilst still working together with the MCE and other stakeholders to get contractors on site. With this, would it be prudent to ask the communications directorate of the NDC what their parliamentary candidate, honourable Mohammed Bataglia, did for the people of Sissala East between 2013 to 2016 especially on these our poor roads? Honourable Mohammed Bataglia was a presidential staffer and we need his records in that regard.

Also, the road from Tumu to Nabugbelle though not tarred is one of the very best in the municipality. And you can thank the NPP government for that.

On water and sanitation, the NPP government has mechanised boreholes in Bichemboi, Wellembelle-Dagbasu(ongoing), Kuroboi, Banu, Taffiasi and Nankpawie. It is also historic to note that since independence, it is only this NPP government that dug a borehole for the Challu Basic School. It was therefore shameful and very disgraceful for the NDC to even mention anything concerning borehole in Challu. In fact, when the people of Challu pleaded with the then NDC government to give their school a borehole between 2009 to 2016, the then NDC government brought a tractor(just imagine!) to drill a borehole for them and ended up saying there was no water at the site. These are sacred facts the NDC in the Sissala East constituency are aware of. Though not mechanised, there were boreholes dug in Pieng, Timbaka, Kong, Challu and many more communities in the Sissala East Municipality in these 3 and half years of Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia.


It is evidently clear that the Nana Addo-Bawumia government has done so much for the good people of Sissala East constituency and not even the lies and falsehoods of the NDC can tarnish the image of the Nana-Bawumia government. Results are the only reason for any positive activity. The health infrastructure in Challu, Sakalu and others were intended to provide health services to those communities. As of 7th January 2017, was there the delivery of same in those communities? It's absolutely, NO. The era for provision of products and services to Ghanaians in the green book is in the past. We hereby call their press release, "empty and propaganda gone bad". The NDC press release as said earlier is only full of lies, malicious propaganda and deliberate distortions. The best place to put their press release is the dustbin.

Thank You.





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