01.08.2006 Disaster

Man Pours Acid Into Wife's Private Part

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A jealous husband Thomas Nsia forgot that by spoiling the private part of his legitimate wife to prevent others from enjoying her, he is also preventing himself.

In addition to missing the sweet embrace of women for a long time to come, Nsia is now languishing in remand.

Unemployed Nsia, 32, who is alleged to have poured a substance suspected to be acid into his wife's private part has been arrested and arraigned before His Lordship, Mr J. E. Wilson at the Pokuase Magistrate Court, charged with unlawful harm.

It came to light at the Court that the complainant, Cynthia Salifu is the legimate wife of the accused, Thomas Nsia, with whom she lived happily in the same house at Achimota in Accra, until recently he suspected her of flirting aournd.

However, whenever he asked her about it, it turned into a fight during which he would threaten to teach her a bitter lesson.

On April 4, 2006, Nsia bought some radio batteries, crushed them and mashed the black powered substance with soda and mixed with water.

In the night, while the complainant was sleeping, he went near her under the pretext of having sex with her and allegedly pumped the substance into her private part using enema syringe.

Coming back to his senses on realizing the pain the complainant was going through, he rushed her to the ridge hospital, but mindul of the legal consequences of his act, Nsia bolted away.

Knowing that you can run but you can't hide, Nsia resurfaced later from his hideout and handed himself over to the Police at Tesano.

During investigation, he confessed the offence.

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