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Musician Eze Sells Thousands Of Music Cds In A Month

By Mustapha Inusah/RazzOnline.Com
Musician Eze Sells Thousands Of Music Cds In A Month

In an era where many musicians lament over bad sales of musical CDs across the country, Ghana-Nigerian musician fondly known as Eze, has disclosed to the media that though some of his songs on his album are not enjoying extensive airplay across the country, he’s making more sales with his new album.

In an interview with the musician who’s putting plans together to officially launch his 5th album titled “Ije love” which features the likes of: Shatta Wale, Kaki, Tinny, Kese, amongst others, he stated that, he has already sold all the 1000 copies of CDS he released onto the market in just one month.

“We first supplied 400 copies of CDs, and we added more - the most important thing is that, I wanted us to see that the album is the only way Ghana music can move forward right now” Eze disclosed.

He further stated that he realized most musicians now want to do singles and by logical extension, one can clearly deduce that they are just in for the fame and not the business side of the show business - but for him, he’s more concerned about both.

He added that normally, musicians who are just looking for the fame aspect go high and move back.

“When you have an album and it is professionally written, having it on a score sheet and on lyrical content where people can download it, if it’s a native song, you have it on a little bit of translation so people can understand and that’s one of the best way to make high sales” he said.

He advised that musicians who also want to make sales should try and reduce the price of their CDs - as he sells his own at GHC 10.00 only.

Currently, he's looking forward to distribute 10,000 copies across the neighbouring countries

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