Iyaz Endorses Ghana's Nino


One of the most recent and hottest videos on You Tube is that of American singer Iyaz endorsing Ghanaian singer Nino for his contribution to promoting music from Ghana.

Iyaz has described Nino as the next big thing to come out of Ghana.

Nino, born Agyemang Kofi Offeh, will be premiering his album very soon. A couple of months ago, he came out with a single, 'Madamfo Pa', produced by Morris D'Voice.

Since then, his style of music has been receiving endorsement from already established musicians including Morris D'Voice.

Recently, a United States-based international non-profit organization, the Centre for World Folkloric Arts of New York City, also endorsed Nino, according to reports.

Now it is American hit-maker, Iyaz.
“Y'all already know what it is, this your boy Iyaz. Shout out to the next big thing from Ghana. Y'all already know is your boy Nino check him right, quick man. Nino is the next big thing from Ghana,” Iyaz said.

Iyaz was born Keidran Jones on April 15, 1987 and grew up in Tortola in the British Virgin. But he adopted Iyaz as his stage name. He signed with the record label Beluga Heights Records from the British Virgin Islands. He is known for his singles 'Replay', 'Solo' and 'Pretty Girls'. He released his debut album 'Replay' in 2009. He is expected to be in Ghana when Nino launches his album.

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