29.01.2016 Health & Fitness

Hypertension : Covering The Basics

By Vanessa Danso
Hypertension : Covering The Basics
LISTEN JAN 29, 2016

Hello to you my dear readers and welcome to the very first episode of the Eclectic Kyeiessa Medical Series. Yep...this time around I decided to make a YouTube video instead of a written blogpost.

The reason for this is because I realized that people tend to take their medical issues a bit more seriously when they truly understand the mechanism of a certain pathological issue. So explaining some topics live and colored should make this a bit more easier for my readers (and now viewers).

The very first topic covered will be hypertension, simply because it has a high global prevalence. So by all means click on the video below and enjoy. If you should have any questions or comments, then do leave them down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can xoxo.

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