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Happily Ever After: Life After Retirement, Ghana

Happily Ever After: Life After Retirement, Ghana
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A Ghanaian filmmaker sheds light on life after retirement with "Happily Ever After: Life After Retirement, Ghana” feature Documentary

The documentary, the first of its kind, unveils the intricacies of the golden years of embracing life beyond work.

Accra, Ghana - [February 1st, 2024]

Ghana is set to be captivated by a thought-provoking documentary that sheds light on the lives of the aged in society, a demographic often forgotten. Directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Kofi Afriyie, "Happily Ever After: Life After Retirement, Ghana" takes viewers on a profound exploration of what life truly looks like after aging out of the workforce and redefines the concept of "happily ever after."

“The main motivation behind this documentary was my personal desire to understand my father, a retiree,” Afriyie explains. Driven by a deep sense of curiosity and empathy, Afriyie embarked on a heartfelt journey to uncover the realities of life beyond retirement, offering a unique perspective on the experiences of the aged in our society.

"Happily, Ever After: Life After Retirement, Ghana" delves into various aspects of growing old, providing an intimate glimpse into the everyday struggles faced by retirees who find themselves as spectators on the sidelines of life. Through poignant storytelling and candid interviews, the film captures the essence of their experiences, inviting viewers to reflect on the challenges and triumphs of this stage of life.

Exploring the Aging Community Loneliness Epidemic

The documentary explores the lives of public servants who have transitioned into the role of empty nesters. It offers a compelling examination of how their lives have transformed and delves into their aspirations and goals at this stage. Through their stories, the film celebrates the resilience and strength of these individuals as they navigate new chapters and discover new passions.

In addition, "Happily, Ever After: Life After Retirement, Ghana" features ex-corporate managers and CEOs who retired at the pinnacle of their careers. It provides a fascinating insight into life's appearance when one is no longer the go-to person making numerous decisions daily. By showcasing their journeys of self-discovery and reinvention, the film challenges societal expectations and encourages viewers to embrace the possibilities of this new phase of life.

Moreover, "Happily, Ever After: Life After Retirement, Ghana" offers a platform for the individuals featured to share their biggest regrets and accomplishments. Their stories profoundly reflect life's journey, offering valuable insights and lessons for viewers of all ages.

This groundbreaking documentary promises to captivate and inspire audiences in Accra, Ghana. It serves as a powerful reminder that the aged in our society have stories worth telling and deserve recognition, understanding, and support. Afriyie adds, “Whether we like it or not, if we live long enough, we will all end up one day wondering if this is truly our happily ever after!”

About the filmmaker: Kofi Afriyie
Kofi Afriyie is a creative director and filmmaker geared towards telling stories via travel documentaries. Kofi holds a BSc. in Civil Engineering and an MSc. in Agile Project Management. His background in engineering and project management accounts for his unique style and perspective evident in his feature films.