Sun, 07 Jan 2024 Love & Relationships

Pierced In The Heart By Love

By Reindolf Amankwa
Pierced In The Heart By Love

Days, weeks, months have passed by since our once lovely relationship shattered into pieces rather sadly.

It has not been easy doing away with the memories of yesterday; the love we shared; the conversations we had; the plans we made; the good luck messages we sent to each other; even the Waakye and Jollof we ate together.

The small foamy bed we slept on; all the naughty things we did; the kisses, the hugs; the encouragement, the scolding when need be and the long voice and video calls.

The jokes, the laughs; the little quarrels and fights; the teases; the sacrifices we made for each other; the love and the bond we created for ourselves.

We made many promises including staying together through thin and thick; through stormy waves; rain or shine; day or night.

But, our senseless egos put us apart. We are now far apart without remembering any of the promises made to each other.

But, sincerely, I still haven't stopped loving you no matter how hard I have tried. I do not know if it is same with you.

My Angel sent from God, from the very first day I set my eyes on you up until now when I write this to you, I have loved you and will always do.

Relationships are bound to have such obstacles as we have faced in the last few days, weeks and months.

But, we should rather be firm, forgive each other of the mistakes, learn from the setback and move on with our love relationship.

If we are unable to correct the error, forgive ourselves and strengthen our love, we will do same in our next relationship if we both moved on to another. So, let us get back on track.

We started well and must bring it to a productive end. We both are fallible and must learn to forgive each other in all circumstances.

I have forgiven you first and want you to do same. Let us settle our misunderstanding and build back better. The year promises to be a great year for us sweetheart. I love you and will always do.