Canadian-Ghanaian Supermodel Nini Amerlise Takes Center Stage in Riveting "Remnant" Web Series

  Thu, 10 Aug 2023
Beauty & Fashion Canadian-Ghanaian Supermodel Nini Amerlise Takes Center Stage in Riveting

Dallas, August 9th, 2023 – From the glamorous world of fashion to the captivating realm of acting, Nini Amerlise, the globally recognized faith-based supermodel of Ghanaian descent, embarks on an exhilarating journey in the compelling online series, "Remnant." Exclusively available on the dynamic YouTube platform, this thought-provoking series delves deep into her character's past, promising an emotional voyage that will resonate deeply with audiences across the world.

In an extraordinary collaboration between 7 Mountains Films and Nini Amerlise, "Remnant" heralds a new chapter in her artistic journey as she steps into the role of a rising actress. Episode 2 “ Not my body” with core emphasis on the topic of abortion, standing as a beacon of anticipation, set to captivate viewers with her remarkable range and undeniable talent. Premiering this Sunday, August 13th, 2023, this pivotal episode promises to be a defining moment within the series.

Nini Amerlise's transition from the runway to the screen is a testament to her unwavering commitment and passion for storytelling. Infused with the richness of her faith-based heritage, "Remnant" takes on a depth that makes it essential viewing for those seeking content that stimulates the mind and stirs the emotions. Prepare to embark on a profound journey with "Remnant" available online, as Nini Amerlise confronts the shadows of her past. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and eagerly awaiting each new episode of this captivating series.

"The Remnant (Those Who Will Not Bow)" – Unveiling Truths Amidst a Changing World

In a world where values and truths are being redefined, "The Remnant" emerges as an unyielding force. Amidst the noise of shifting ideologies, this faith-based YouTube series stands strong, offering an alternative perspective.

7 Mountains Films founder, Imaobong Smart leads this bold initiative, challenging the influx of anti-God ideologies propagated by the entertainment industry. "The Remnant" stands as a shield against these influences, inviting viewers to question their beliefs and embrace a perspective aligned with divine truths. It promises to uncover, ignite, inspire, and ultimately, transform.


the essence of "The Remnant," a collective dedicated to unwavering faith. In a world where screens are battlegrounds, "The Remnant" takes the fight to the digital arena, embodying the spirit of those who resist worldly pressures.