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Overcoming Trials Together

By Aniré Okene
Overcoming Trials Together
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Put a finger up if you've never been in an argument with your partner. Put a finger up if you've never said something you regretted. Put a finger up if you've never held a grudge against the person you say you love? Put a finger up if you're incapable of making mistakes.

Relationships don't only bring out the best in us (when things are Rosey), they also reveal the worst in us (especially character flaws we've failed to deal with in our past). Everybody goes through challenges, but that doesn't mean you have to go through them alone.

As humans, we're created for companionship. We're more alive when we're in love. But even those feelings change when disagreements aren't handled with empathy and care. This is something I'm learning (with humility) at the moment; and every time I make the same mistakes I know I shouldn't be making, I'm encouraged by the fact that I'm working twice as hard to be better for myself and for my partner.

There are so many trials that come hard at us in life. Having an empathetic partner and being one yourself is the first step to helping others get through tough times. Be sensitive and try to be selfless every day. Your attitude towards others might just make their lives a little better or worse. Be there for others and do well to love just as Christ loves.

- With Love, From Love.

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